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  1. Magic Kingdom - Space Mountain Animal Kingdom - Expedition Everest Epcot - Test Track Hollywood Studios - Rockin' Rollercoaster Studios - Rip Ride Rock it Island's - Hulk Sea World - Mako Busch Gardens - Cheetah Hunt
  2. Love this! Thank you for a great report. Would love to get there sometime. It's nice to see the differences in the Universal Parks Haunts. Thanks again!
  3. All of the Universal Rides we have been on have also called it a technical rehearsal.
  4. The trains look great! Really curious about how the goggles are going to work with the load and unload process, hope it doesn't slow things down too much.
  5. The best thing about Kelly is that she doesn't care about her size. She sounded great and the show was awesome. We loved it!
  6. The Enterprise also goes upside down at Fun Spot. It was a good ride, sad to see it go, but hopefully they will replace it with a permanent one! I like the "Gatorcoaster" idea also.. Go Fun Gator Spot Land!
  7. Awesome coverage! You guys are the best... So wish I was there with you. Lots of excitement this year. Really looking forward to all the new I-Drive attractions!
  8. Love the pictures.. Thanks! And, always remember: Do Not Stand Carefull Meet And Discuss Lol!!
  9. Awesome report... sorry that it was so busy, but your pictures are awesome! I'll def look forward to more..
  10. Love it... kind of reminds me of Rye Playland's Dragon Coaster...
  11. Sounds like a great idea to me! Gives me a reason to get excited about BGT for this summer..... I'll be there opening day!
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