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  1. I went to the park last tuesday and it was almost dead. I rode every roller coaster in one day with a couple rerides on goliath and x2. The longest wait was 45min for superman. Almost everything was a walkon, even Goliath. 30min wait for X2, Tatsu, Green latern. Besides those rides, everything else I only had to wait 3 trains to cycle and I was on. Tatsu was running 2 trains, with decent loading/unloading speed. I heard later on they switched to one train, though so I didn't reride. Paying for two more ride OPs for the day is like the same cost as 2 park tickets. I finally rode X2(I've ridden X many times), for the first time I must say it was a huge improvement! The only painful part was the last turn around, it always seems to jerk there. It still is the only ride that scares the crap out of me everytime!
  2. I totally agree. It seems like CF is just cramming thrill rides on the small parcel of land, destroying the family friendly park that its based on. I really enjoy silver bullet, but I wish it wasn't built where its at. Ruined the once nice area, where weddings were once held. Knotts use to be so beautiful, now it's becoming an ugly metal forest. Now Im wondering why Knotts didn't let disney buy the park! It would have been fantastic, and also utilized the Independence Hall, that few people know about.
  3. I totally agree and the park is very nice too and the chicken dinners..... mmmmm and funnel cakes
  4. hey give ghostrider a break. Its still not as bumpy as psyclone! Now that was a terrible ride!
  5. sounds like blue bayau is a must! I've always wanted to eat there! I may be getting in for free so that opens up my budget a lot! Thanks everyone for the advice! I'll be sure to take her to Court of Angels! I've seen it before, but never thought anything of it. I'm sure she'll like it!
  6. Well we are thinking of taking advantage of the lower crowds at DL this time . Any good restaurants at downtown disney? maybe ones with a great happy hour?
  7. Thanks Wes! We're both 23, and we don't mind having some tasty beverages .
  8. Hi all. I finally graduated from Cal Poly SLO so now I finally have time again to explore parks and what not. Time for me to start making $$$ as well!!!
  9. To be honest, I'm not really thrilled with the idea of a Marvel theme. Imagineering will only be creatively exclusive to build Marvel attractions. They should have the theme of the third gate be a tad more broad so they can also fit in any original concept or other property attraction as they please. I totally agree, there's still much more they can do with both parks, I'd rather have them focus on that. Also, with the 3rd park they still have a huge parking problem, not sure how they will figure that one out. on a side note, I thought the avengers movie was pretty boring
  10. So I've been seeing this girl for two months, and its been great so far. I just joked around saying we should go to Disneyland, but she became really excited and wanted to go. So anywho, we are going July 25th, and I was wondering what would be some "romantic" things to not miss, since everytime I've gone I always just go straight to the thrill rides and ride'em over n over again. I usually eat churros and crap all day so Im not aware of all the restaurants at the parks. What are the places not to miss with a date? Where would the best restaurants be? We are on a slight budget but aren't scared to splurge just a little bit.
  11. Am I the only one hoping they build a new Tron attraction in Tomorrowland???
  12. Xcelerator at KBF. It's the only ride that just has that right kick for me.
  13. I was assassinated. It was really really quick. All I remember is looking at a rooftop then bam. I'm dead.
  14. The hardest so far has been Calculus BC. I haven't taken any pre-cal classes so it's tough. At my school we don't have the traditional Geometry and Algebra classes, we have IMP(Interactive Mathematics Program). It's pretty much all those subjects mixed together in a bunch of word problems.....ALL word problems. For senior year, however, you can only choose between Calculus AB or Calculus BC. For BC you have to be Ok'd by the teacher. So I get the ok for it, but damn. I didn't think it was going to be this hard! Oh well I'm still doing ok. I got a 80.2%. lol I have to agree programming is a B****. I took Intro to Computer Science at CSUDH...oh man. First, the teacher sucked donkey balls, Second, the class is confusing as is, third, the teacher sucking more. Yea, not taking it spring semester forget that. I don't know why Physics is so hard for people, it's the easiest for me. Actually it's the only class that I'm getting an A in lol.
  15. Resolution - To not have anymore resolutions cause they're bs anyways
  16. 1984.....ohh that was an awesome novel. Freakin' loved it.
  17. I went yesterday, everything was running pretty good. Skytower was closed though . All of the rides were running more than one train which was good. umm.. yea it was nice
  18. p0tat0

    Shrinking Videos

    shrink videos? I believe you can do that through windows movie maker
  19. I don't get why people hate myspace. I've found lots of old friends on myspace. It isn't bad at all, just the media gets to your head.
  20. Hey, my name is Gary. I live in Long Beach, California and....hmm I love rollercoasters!
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