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Sucks Flags Tragic Flat Piece of Land

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Sucks Flags Tragic Flat Piece of Land is the place to be in RCT3 for thrills, chills, and kills. With no less than 10 lethal rides, a day here is sure to end your life on Earth!


Limited time offer: Anyone who rides all of the attractions listed below and survives is entitled to join the Sucks Flags Tragic Flat Piece of Land Club.

Current Club Members: 0


Attractions List…


Aaaah! I’m being killed!: A 50 foot launched free fall tower with a launch speed of 145mph. While riding, the vast majority of riders will say the ride’s name, however unintentionally.


Final Destination 3-The Ride: Now you can experience the real to life coaster crash in Final Destination 3! Be sure to open your restraint before it’s too late!


Goodbye: Once aboard this strata coaster, hold tight as you’re launched over a top hat and down three vertical drops, for it’s goodbye to you!


Hot Rocket: Currently the world’s fastest coaster at 223mph, this thing will launch you to a skyscraping height of over 1000 feet (my guess)! For the best possible views of the park, or probable blackouts, climb aboard and experience the blasting off of the Hot Rocket!


Oblivion-The Real Thing: This tilt coaster drops you into a NUMBERREALLYHIGH foot deep pit. Even if you survive, you’ll need help climbing out of there.


On a track to nowhere: A shuttle loop with an 85mph LIM launch. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to pay those pour souls who rode Oblivion-The Real Thing a visit…


Peep Bowling: The funniest attraction at the park, climb aboard a bobsled, slide down a spiralling chute, and bowl down rows of peeps entrance! Enspired by the RCT3 video of the same name, two sides, wood and steel, are available, but only one will get to bowl over the spectators first. Which one will it be?


The Impulse: A vertical impulse coaster with a twisting front spike. As for the back spike…


This coaster will kill you: The pink and white track of this 408ft, 110mph air powered coaster is not to be taken lightly – it will kill you if you ride it!


Indeed, the only positive aspect about SFTFPOL is the awesome fireworks display, Andomeda, which shows at 8:30 pm every night. Of course, if you sit and admire it for too long, you might get hit by the Peep Bowling Trains…



UPDATE: I've put paths and entrances to the rides.

Sucks Flags Tragic Flat Piece of Land.zip

Sucks Flags Tragic Piece of Flat Land!



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Here. It doesn't have the fancy supports, though.


Post a videoof it, please!


ok, I had to put it underground to make it work (it was too high)...I am so glad that they added tunnels! I'm making the video now, and I should have it ready by the end of the night.


EDIT: I could not zip the file to a small enough zip file, unfortunatly I will not be able to post the video tonight.

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