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Custom Made Supports Using Steel Worx!!

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Heres some custom supports I've made using Pumpers SteelWorx. I think its fun trying to make all these different supports. Adds some more to the game. Took me close to an hour to get all of these made.


Note: I will have a park with these in so you can save them but not at the moment.


I want to see what all you can make using these supports. Post pictures on here. I think it would be cool to have some kind of competition for best supports.


If you have any other suggestions of things to do. Tell me and I'll try to get around to making some. Or you can just build you own.


So tell me what ya think!!


Large Overbank. The largest of the supports. My favorite one. Took almost half an hour just for this.


Batwing. One of my favorite supports.


Small Corkscrew. Supports are great head chopper effect :)


Large Corkscrew. The supports are great head choppers :)


Just a normal turn. Simple design.


Cobra Roll with 'Ghetto' supports.. lol..

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Does anyone know how to get the supports over 300ft high? I've seen people posting screenshots with their strata supports going over 400ft. I can only raise mine up to 100ft, then I cant raise it any higher because I cant move my mouse.


While holding the key, pick the mouse up and move it back. That's what I do.


But another question: I still can't put them in the game. Where are they supposed to show up? I used the auto-extracter.


Thanks! (Sorry to get off-topic)

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Well on that link I gave it should have instructions as to where to put it. Then it should be under the normal scenery, but its just in the miscellanious (sp?) Hope this helps.


Oh yea, Has anybody made any custom supports yet. I'm going to go in and make some for the inclined-loop. I'll probably make some realistic ones and fantasy ones.

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