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For the past two weeks or so I haven't been able to access the forums through tapatalk on Android. I reinstalled, cleared cache, cleared data, etc but not having any luck. Other forums seem to be working fine through the app? Any idea if there is something you need to do on your end?


Here are the two error messages i'm getting. One while accessing the forums without logging in. One while trying to put in my username and password.






Has anyone else reported this? I'm fine with using the website, just that the tapatalk nag screens at the bottom I have to keep closing.


Just wanted to let you know!

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Sadly, Tapatalk just didn't work out for us.  It was giving everyone a "popup message" on mobile which was super annoying and the only way to disable that was to pay them more money.  Not to mention that they were pretty rude with their tech support and I haven't been a fan of them for a while. The new forum should have a much better mobile theme anyway so it kind of made Tapatalk redundant. 

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Thanks for the explanation. I still get the little annoying bar at the bottom of the screen to open in tapatalk vs chrome if I go incognito BTW so I think there is some leftover code somewhere.

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