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[RCT3] Six Flags Connecticut Kingdom - The Final Update

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As much as I don't care for graphics and the 'eye-candy' that RCT3 Brings us didn't care for it since it came out, but I honestly think you're doing a great job with the limitations of the game with mods and custom scenery, keep it up! I am loving it so far. Can't wait for the new coaster announcement in the next update!

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^ Thank you, means alot


It is with great regret to inform you guys that this might be the end of SFCK. I have been unable to open the park file for a few days, it crashes every time. (This has happened with other parks of mine and I have never been able to open them again.) It also crashed 10+ times during construction of the 2003 coaster, which I was unable to finish custom supporting before the final crash. I'm officially going to call it quits July 7th (One year after I posted the very first update on another forum). Hope y'all can understand.



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I've really enjoyed sharing updates on this park for the past year, but I'm afraid it's time has come. As I mentioned in the previous update, I haven't been able to open the game for nearly 2 weeks. I guess my computer just couldn't handle such a big park file. I should've been more careful, knowing this had happened before. My fault, I suppose...


Anyways, this is the final update on the park. I hope you enjoy it.



I first began working on the park back in June of 2016, after having lost another file of a park I was working on, Colorado Canyon, which would've been posted instead of Heage Lake/SFCK had I not lost it.


Here are some pics of that park:








As you can tell by the pictures, there was a TON of custom scenery incorporated into that park, which is why the file crashed so early, the same fate SFCK would eventually meet, though a year later.


Still hoping to post a RCT3 park on the forums by early July, I immediately began building a replacement park, Heage Lake. I decided to go light on the custom scenery, which is probably why it lasted longer.


Some early pictures of the park:












Here is a list of cancelled plans for the park that never came to be. Honestly, most, if not all of the cancelled plans I mentioned in the updates were not true, and were just to add to the storyline. These are all legit, however:


1. Arrow Mega Looper in 1992 - Instead of the park's "Fairgrounds" section, the coaster would've stood tall and dropped right next to the park entrance. I scrapped the idea because I didn't care for how the first drop looked (Hard to make tall swooping drops look good in RCT3) and I wanted another park section. The reason the Fairgrounds section always looked so cramped and incomplete is because it had to be squished between the park entrance and the Mid-Century Square area.


2. Expansion of Tajito Village/Crackaxle Canyon. Instead of adding Verdugo in 1996, my original plan was to put in a clone of Hurler at Carowinds and formerly King's Dominion. It would've gone behind the Haunted Ranch building and been named "El Bandido." The rest of the expansion would've been added in the late 90's, including 2 flat rides where the Picnic Area would eventually be.




3. Vekoma SLC - At one point I considered a Superman themed SLC where the Looney Tunes childrens area was. The entrance would've been in the Gotham area of the park, which would've been rethemed to DC Universe. Cancelled in favor of adding Verdugo as the park's suspended looper, which also cancelled the aforementioned expansion.




4. "Black Hawk", a B&M Floorless coaster - Probably would've been added around 2005. Would've gone where the Americana Theater was, along with Camp Cartoon's land, squeezed between Grand Stand and Scream Machine almost. It would've merged the Fairgrounds and Mid-Century Square areas of the park into one area called "Americana Square". Cancelled in favor of Camp Cartoon


5. "Throwback"/"Apocalypse" - Premier Sky Rocket 4 - One of my very first ideas for the park. This coaster would've replaced Grand Stand. I had considered both names, never really made a final choice. Would've been added for 2012. Cancelled in favor of "The New Connecticut Twister", which was also cancelled



6. The New Connecticut Twister - Would've been RMC'd for the 2012 season. Cancelled because it would've been so short, and I wanted a longer RMC.



7. Aerospeed - B&M Hyper. - Presumably would've been added around 2011. Cancelled for being uber-unrealistic. Also one of my very first plans.




8. Justice - Dueling wooden roller coaster. - Cancelled because of complications with how the station/queue would've been executed, and for having a pretty short layout. Would've been located where the amphitheater is and also taking up space parallel to the service road.




9. Unnamed GCI in the former Klondike Territory. - Can't remember many details about this one as I cancelled this really early on. Might've been named Grizzly? I think I just wasn't satisfied with the layout. I believe it would've sat in the space that eventually became home to Verdugo and Aquaman Splashdown.



10. B&M Floorless and GCI package to replace Connecticut Twister - Didn't consider this for very long, was just an idea I had. Cancelled because there would've been no wooden coasters left after the 2003 woodie was RMC'd.




11. "Goliath", an Intamin Impulse coaster to run alongside Connecticut Twister to be added for 2002. - Cancelled because I thought it was unrealistic to have added so many coasters between 1992-2003.


12. Relocation of Gyration to Swingset's spot with new paint/theme. - Can't remember why I considered this one. Cancelled for being rather pointless.



13. "Stampede". Basically Mr. Freeze with yellow track and red supports, behind Haunted Ranch. Cancelled because I felt the park needed more D.C. themed rides



View from by Ship Dip


Now, I will reveal the would-be future plans of the park.


Starting with the most anticipated:


2003 - Gator, a CCI wooden coaster similar to The Boss and Cheetah though with a more out and back layout. Would've stood 125 ft. tall on the land formerly occupied by Hurricane. I lost the park file due to complications constructing this coaster.






2003 also marked the final season for Aquaman Splashdown (1993-2003)


2004 - The Penguin's Blizzard River, WhiteWater West Spinning Rapids on the former site of Aquaman.


As you can see from the small text box, it was originally going to be called Oasis Run. (You can see that it would've been adjacent to Aquaman originally rather than replacing it, in an above picture. Would've been added in 2004 still, however.)



2005 - Sky Swat, an S&S Sky Swat ride. Would've been located next to Connecticut Twister where Goliath would've gone, entrance in Pontchartrain Bay.


Ship Dip would've been removed for maintenance issues, and Chaos would give it's final rides and remain SBNO until the 2010 season.


2006 - Nothing new because of Six Flags' financial troubles, but Connecticut Twister would run backwards for the entirety of the season


The Joker Inc. would've been relocated to the former site of Ship Dip (Probably would've used The New England Games Gallery's space too) to fill that void.


Cartoon Wheel (Kiddie ferris wheel in Camp Cartoon) would've been taken out at the end of the season.


2007 - Camp Cartoon rethemed to Wiggle's World. Zamperla Jumpin' Star would've taken the space of Cartoon Wheel.


Connecticut Twister would once again run backwards for the whole season


The Tower of Doom would've been renamed Superman: Tower of Power and Gotham Backlot would be rethemed to DC Universe


Gotham City Amphitheater would've been torn down in early June of 2007


2008 - The Dark Knight Coaster - Mack Wild Mouse, same as SFGAm, SFGAdv, and SFM. Would've taken half of the removed amphitheater's space and some space behind The Penguin


I did make the actual coaster, but the only picture I have is of some plans I made for the queue design


Glow in the Park parade debuts


Connecticut Twister backwards for the entire season (So basically 2006-2008)


2009 - Glow in the Park again


Holiday in the Park debuts in November


2010 - Glow in the Park marketed as the new attraction once again


Grand Stand and Americana Swings would give their final rides at Connecticut Kingdom in September.


Grand Stand being dismantled. Notice the rename of the gift shop following GS's removal


2011 - Americana Skyscreamer, a Funtime Star Flyer would've taken the space of Americana Swings and the long-vacant site of Chaos.


I would've used the Windseeker cfr though because I couldn't find a good looking star flyer


Glow in the Park would run once again, this time for the last season


Wiggle's World would be rethemed to Kidzopolis.


Sky Swat removed due to maintenance costs and low ridership.


Gator would close Memorial Day weekend for a year-long "renovation"


2012 - Wild Gator, an RMC iron horse conversion of Gator. I never got around to actually making the layout but it would've presumably (and obviously) been the park's best coaster.


Only picture I have of the track


Pontchartrain Bay would be rethemed to Mardi Gras.


The end of the 2012 season would mark the retirement of the park's classic Haunted Ranch dark ride, along with Zipper.


2013 - igNight: Grand Finale, same light show SFGAm got that year. Stage would've been where Grand Stand's lift hill/Dare Devil Dive's entrance once were


Cocina Picante would transform into JB's Sports Bar, also using space once home to El Starfish.


Haunted Ranch's former building would be transformed into the Tajito Theater.


2014 - Justice League: Battle for Metropolis on the other half of the amphitheater's land.


Verdugo, Gyration, and the park's beloved Sky Wheel would be dismantled near the end of the season to accommodate the park's 2015 additions


2015 - Flat ride package, including:


Voodoo - A Larson Superloop taking the former space of Sky Wheel




Harley Quinn's Spinsanity - Reusing the name of the park's long-gone Troika, it would've sat on Verdugo's old spot with an entrance in DC Universe. Would've been a Zamperla Giant Discovery


(Ignore Grand Stand and Americana Swings, as both should technically be gone by this period in time)


Fairground Flyers - Larson Flying Scooters on the old Gyration site.


2016 - Looney Tunes Land would've been rethemed to Bugs Bunny Boomtown (Yeah, Mardi Gras has nothing to do with Boomtowns, but Six Flags wouldn't care irl, right? )


Rage of the Gargoyles VR on Scream Machine (Not sure how I would've executed this.. maybe photoshop?)


The Penguin's Blizzard River would close on September 5th. (Same day as the same ride at SFNE!)


2017 - Batman: The Ride, an S&S Free Fly coaster on the former site of The Penguin


Drop of Doom VR on Superman: Tower of Power


2018 - Jammer (Name wasn't final...lol), a Zamperla Mega Disk'O sandwiched between Americana Skyscreamer and Andre's Diner.




Also EXScream - New trains and white track, black supports renovation of Scream Machine


2019 - Another light show like igNight was the idea, but I honestly didn't know because it's so far out. Connecticut Twister would've ran backwards again


2020 - Again, too far to plan out. It would've been a coaster for sure, and it would've been on Grand Stand's former spot, I just wasn't sure what kind, exactly. Presumably something from S&S, as I could see Six Flags doing more rides from them irl in this timeframe. Likely would've been named Time Machine to support the 50's theme of the area.


Well, that's really it. Not much else worth posting about. I might consider doing another RCT3 park, but probably won't get around to it.


Six Flags Connecticut Kingdom - July 7th, 2016-July 7th, 2017


(Well for those reading on TPR, December 12th, 2016-July 7th, 2017 )


Thanks for reading




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