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[RCT3] Six Flags Connecticut Kingdom - The Final Update

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What ride has (consistently) the longest lines?

I would say Mr. Freeze and Verdugo based on visual queue lengths, but that could easily be due to them both only possessing the ability to run 1 train. (Though for the storyline, I pretend Freeze has 2 ) Another candidate is Zipper, it usually seems to hold one of the longest lines in the park. If you're wondering about the shortest.. not going to lie, a lot of the peeps hate Grand Stand The kiddie rides never seem to rack up a queue either. I use to have nearly 5000 peeps in the park but then I downloaded a "Peep generator" which brought my count down to around 1500, and I can't find any way to fix it, even deleting the generator didn't help. :/ So that's why you usually see half empty trains/ghosttown queues in the pictures



Wednesday August 16th, 2000




Unlike my last visit where I was greeted with more than 30 cars a lane at opening, I was only behind 4 today



As fall approaches us, the park is preparing for their annual Fright Fest event



Here is the plot for Connecticut, supposedly themed around a serial killer running around with a pair of scissors. Seems a bit.. well, dark, for a park event, but I'm sure it'll be interesting, to say the least



This one sounds particularly fun



There better be free confectionaries with this one, otherwise I'm not satisfied trading this with the Hurricane Candy Trail



CT Twister's train has been removed as it prepares to run BACKWARDS for Fright Fest.



Obviously with the addition of Frontier Fling this year, the graveyard has been moved, though, not too far away. My buddy who works at the park told me 2 NEW gravestones will be added to the collection this year. Let the 2001 speculation begin!



I was also told that there was originally going to be a fourth haunt in Fairgrounds themed after Psycho Clowns, but it was cut due to costs



Americana Morgue will be making it's return to SFCK this year!



I heard that Verdugo might receive a retheme for Fright Fest



Same with The Tower of Doom. (Wow! Look at that line!)



Looks like a few passengers regretted their decision to ride


I unfortunately had to leave early due to work. I'll be back for Labor Day weekend


---Jacob Karse---


Mini contest: If anyone can guess the 2 rides being removed the park, you will find out what the new addition(s) for 2001 is/are before everyone else. You do have to guess both right, however, and only 3 pairs of guesses per user.



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I'm going to say Verdugo and El Starfish!




If you do take out Grandstand . . . what would you put in it's place? (or would you convert it to a floorless coaster)


I'm going to confirm that Grand Stand is not one of the rides being removed.. yet...


My guesses are El Starfish and Sky Wheel



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^ 1/2.


Anyone can still guess until the first Fright Fest update on Monday



Sunday September 3rd, 2000

Labor Day Weekend



I had to get to the park today knowing it's the last summer weekend we can go



Fright Fest Countdown: 20 Days!



I've already purchased my pass for next year! One interesting thing to note - The Pass Perks chart in Guest Relations says that 2001 season passholders get a free cut the line pass to use on next years new "Thrill Ride." I'm excited about the free pass, but I'm guessing this eliminates the possibility of a coaster?



I also got a free line-skip pass to use today, so I instinctively used it on Mr. Freeze



Food lines were surprisingly short for Labor Day weekend, but that didn't matter because...



... I was invited to a private barbecue at the Picnic Pavilions by my fellow members of SFCKWorld.com!



You can get really good views of Dare Devil Dive over here



The park even gave us ERT on Haunted Ranch!



I was in the mood for a bit of upside-down goodness, so I took Zipper for a spin



Scream Machine's fog misters for Fright Fest are being put in



In honor of Labor Day, various Patriotic themed apparel was being sold throughout the park. Picked me up one of these shirts for $4. Not bad



Connecticut Twister BACKWARDS began testing while I was at the park today



It will unfortunately only be able to run 1 train like last time, but I think it's worth it for the thrilling experience.



Random fact: You're allowed to bring you camera with you on The Tower of Doom as long as you let the ride ops know before hand



Harley Quinn was fun, as usual. Not much else to say about it.



The park was doing fireworks over by Hurricane at 9:15, so I made my way over there



I spent a good 2 hours marathoning Sky Wheel and Hurricane (This section SERIOUSLY needs a new attraction) before the show commenced.



I couldn't resist one more shot of Hurricane, through the water










---Jacob Karse---


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I'm afraid that Fright Fest is cancelled, unfortunately. I made multiple attempts over the past couple of days to work on it but my game file keeps crashing. I actually have 3 2000 files - One is my regular file that I've been having trouble opening, another is a new one I created 2 weeks ago that's a back-up for the first, and the last one is a Fright Fest file, which I have been unable to open for a couple of days. I've got a feeling the new for 2000 stuff might've had a bit of an impact on how my parks runs, as I've noticed it has been working a bit buggy since I installed everything for this year, and not to mention the game crashed multiple times when constructing the Picnic Pavilions area.


Since I cannot bring you an official Fright Fest update, here are the 3 new gravestones. I originally stated that only 2 rides would be removed, but I've come to a last minute decision to take out Dare Devil Dive after only one year to hopefully help my game to stop crashing. The Picnic area will also be removed, as it seems to be very power-hungry due to all of the custom scenery.


El Starfish




El Starfish's removal is cited with it's excessive loss of ridership due to the incident in 1999


Harley Quinn's Spinsanity/Delirium




Harley Quinn is being removed to make room for the 2001 addition. You're probably wondering why I used it's original name on the gravestone.. well, you'll have to wait to find out


And of course, Dare Devil Dive




Nobody guessed Harley Quinn's Spinsanity, so the 2001 ride is under the wraps




I'll be releasing a hint or two until the park begins it's 2001 season, feel free and try and guess what the new attraction is, though I will not confirm anything until I post the first update



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Friday April 13th, 2001

2001 Opening Day



I was amongst the first to arrive at Connecticut Kingdom for the 2001 season



Already done!



New this year is Catwoman's Whip! A Ronald Bussink Professional Rides Evolution



Something looks different here..



It looks pretty intimidating up close



However, it was acting up in the morning preventing me from getting a ride until later in the day



I headed across the midway for a quick lap on Freeze



Taken from the top hat stall, here's all that remains of Picnic Pavilions.



El Starfish's old sign now sports the park's new logo. The rainbow colors do look pretty nice, to be honest



Grand Stand had no line as per the usual so it was my next stop



Cool picture of the vertical and inclined loops



Playing at the Americana Theater this year is American Pop: Sights and Sounds of the 1950's.



This was the only picture of the show I got (Two girls dancing to Elvis) but I thought it was pretty good. The atmosphere was great and so was the music. Would see again



My friend Jarred told me about the "Golden Row" on Scream Machine (Row 7) so I took his advice and went for a ride on it



Well, it was the smoothest for sure, but that's not really saying much.



Lucky guest got a zen ride on Ship Dip



While on Connecticut Twister I noticed Catwoman completing test runs



I nearly trampled a family with a stroller, but I ended up being one of the first people in line for the first public ride on it ever



The seats were fairly comfortable



I enjoyed it, but the woman next to me threw up. Guess it depends on the person. 8/10




---Jacob Karse---


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Saturday May 12th, 2001




Went to the park for a couple of hours today



Figuring crowds would take over Catwoman's Whip quickly, I made a mad dash for it at the rope drop



It was closed for maintenance... of course



Knowing that it would probably be open within a half an hour, I hung around and killed some time in the Gotham City Arcade



Joust is probably my favorite game here



I walked out of the arcade to see the security guard unchaining the queue so I rushed to make it on the first cycle of the day



Disorienting delightment! Lol



An hour and a half into the park opening, Hurricane's line was still empty (That side of the park never seems to get much traffic), so I went for a ride



Connecticut Twister really looks nice from over here



I've always liked the architecture of The Lost Rapids's station.



Some new scenery appears to have been added to the ride



I love how Hurricane towers over the ride



The paint on the tables outside Orleans Grille really seems to have faded badly



In fact, this entire side of Pontchartrain Bay looks miserable...



...really odd considering they are in the same area of the park as Hurricane, Sky Wheel, and The Lost Rapids, which seem to be three of the park's most well-maintained attractions









Top hat



Though it may not be as smooth as it was back in 1996, Verdugo's boomerang is still one of the most intense elements in the park



I got this cool shot of Grand Stand (Captured from Bedrock Boulder Roller) before heading out.


---Jacob Karse---


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