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Photo TR: World Park in Beijing

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Recently I stayed in Beijing for 6 weeks, and was fishing for things to do. I discovered this park located along the subway line. Although the park has seen better days, it was quite an interesting experience, and worthwhile to check out. I arrived in the late afternoon around 4:30pm. They told me that the gates were closing at 7pm, and the cost was 100RMB. I figured since I had come this far on the subway line, that I might as well do it! The main disappointment for me was that even though the park was open until 7:00, all the attractions, including any restaurants, were closing at 5:30pm. Therefore, the place seemed like a Ghost Town [which I thought was kind of cool]. There are very few rides in the park, and it seems that all of the rides have been filtered into one area: the rest of the park consists mainly of miniature replicas of places from around the world. Either way, it was a cool experience for me, and made for an interesting day!


The entrance to the park. It looks a lot like the castle at Disneyland!


It's the "Community Pubic Park"! What exactly do you do in a "Pubic Park"?


European style buildings behind the Community Pubic Park


The log flume! It seemed as if it hadn't been operating in many years! Although, the man assured me that I could ride it if I wanted to [it was before 5:30]


I was able to walk down the platform to get a closer look...


There is an airplane in the park! It appears to be an old Russian passenger plane. If you pay 10 RMB [a little more than a dollar], you can go inside to have a closer look.


Had this snack bar been open today? Either way, all the food in the park looked highly unappetizing. It seems that most amusement parks in China don't seem to know how to make food a part of the enjoyable experience.



This dragon needs a new coat of paint! Actually, seeing some of the "rough edges" the park has made it more interesting for me. It was a lot like visiting a roadside attraction in America.


"I'm very old, and you can see my wear and tear!"


Would you let your child play on this jungle gym? Nobody was telling you to stay away!


It's very cute


This is in the Fairy-tale section of the park. Some of the theming is actually quite intricate! This is a water-ride, which I believe you can ride. Although, there were no people around when I was there.



This park is really showing signs of age. And hasn't been maintained very much. But that's one of the things that makes the park more interesting, in my opinion



If you peek inside [which I always do], there is a small ride inside!


This attraction actually works: you can spin it around. But it looks like nobody has used it in years!


A slide that looks like a shoe!


Parts of this park bear resemblance to things you can see at other parks, such as Happy Valley, on the other side of the city


Inside the cockpit of the airplane!


What year is this plane from? And what would these lights actually do?


This is a Russian passenger plane, and has an interesting configuration: the seats are turned around to face each other, with a big table in the middle. This wouldn't happen this day in age!


"The adult children are buying tickets". Oh, I've been looking for them and didn't know where they were! Thanks for telling me where I can find the adult children.


It was after 5:30, so I couldn't ride this attraction. But it sounds quite interesting! Does anybody have any experience going through the Time Tunnel, or a similar attraction? What's it like inside?


Arctic snow world? I sense that this attraction has something to do with cold weather. The attraction was closed, but once again, sounded interesting. Maybe it's one of those attractions which contains ice? Any experiences?


Ho ho ho!


Is this the Grinch?


This is the log flume ride! And was supposedly operating, even though the water was very dirty. I must say I was really impressed with the themeing of this log flume.


Once again, it looked as if this coaster hadn't been operated in many years. But I assure you I rode it! I asked the operator to make sure it was safe before I hopped in the front seat: he told me it was.


The scariest part of this ride was the climb to the top! It was very rickety!


The coaster definitely goes through some nice themeing, and its placement is very good. But unfortunately, the ride is very tame, and a little short. Children can probably enjoy it.


It's Manhattan!


The Golden Gate Bridge!


Wow: the Statue of Liberty is a lot smaller in real life than I pictured it being


The log flume goes through a tunnel in the mountain! You can see the pedal coaster above [i think that's what it is]


The scenery and placement of the coaster in the themeing is actually quite nice. Is this supposed to be the Grand Canyon?




The Eiffel Tower!


This park is actually well-known for being a place to take wedding photos. You can compare the scale of the building by looking at the man. I believe this is a castle in Germany.


When shot close up, it's hard to tell the difference. Do you think you can go inside?


Italian style fountains with dirty water! Just like most fountains in China, this one probably hasn't been operating in years.


Park entrance. Very beautiful.


The Kremlin in Russia. It's small, but quite well done.


Taj Mahal!


They have their own version of the Great Wall! It doesn't seem necessary, since you can go see the real thing nearby!


Venice? In fact this area looked closed down, and you I don't think you can ride the gondola in real life. But I think before 5:30 you can pay the money to have your picture taken near the bridge.


St. Peter's Basilica!

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