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B&M Crossties

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I thought B&M made all of their crossties equally spaced out, but I noticed at the very right side of this pic (http://www.rcdb.com/ig1417.htm?picture=2) of G5 that they are closer together in one small spot. I don't think this is because of higher g forces, because the g's don't look like they would be considerably higher at that spot.


Are the ties closer together because of the one in the middle being a connector between two track segments? You can also see in this pic that the ties are closer together in 3 places near the end of the ride where segments are connected, but not anywhere else. http://www.rcdb.com/ig1417.htm?picture=3

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Counting roller coaster cross ties. You have too much time on your hands... Just kidding...


I think that could be a high stress area, perhaps? It doesn't look like it, but who knows?


Or they just had a few left over and stuck 'em in there.



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I think only Vekoma and Arrow coasters do that (http://www.rcdb.com/ig104.htm?picture=3), but Schwarzkopf, Intamin, etc. all use different crossties throughout the course of their coasters.




and ya, Intamin uses 3 types of track styles on one of it's newest coasters...



Most manufacturers only do it if it is a high stress area since it would cost more money for more steel, but sometimes it's just random.

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