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Photo TR: Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

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While not really a theme park - the Studio Tour in Warner Bros. studio is just amazing! With a short ride from London you'll find yourself surrounded by the amazing art, sets and wardrobe of the Harry Potter films. Definitely worth a day trip when you're in London.


You start your trip on this themed-to-the-death double-decker bus (which looks nice in a way)


Yep.. that's our tickets!! (exciting isn't it?)


When you get to the studio - you realise that this is the real deal!


The studio has one of the best Harry Potter merchandise anywhere - a real time squasher!


This is Harry's "home" from the first movie. It's easy to miss because it's tiny. In the movie it appears to be bigger.


This is where the adventure starts - I won't spoil the surprise, but prepared to be wowed!!


The great hall at Hagwarts. This is a film quality set - which means everything here is detailed in a level that I've never seen before. Completly realistic!


You can almost taste the food


The details are amazing





A endless hall effect.. impressive




This is Gandolf's place ehhhh... Prof. Dumbledore's place





These cute persian cats are an exact match for my own cat!








Part of the things you can buy at the store



The magical bus at the backlot. You can take a picture there.


Be careful - it bites!




This is the original movie Diagon alley and it's brilliant!


Each window is filled with elements that create a true life-like feeling



Don't ask...


These are simplistic models for scale and just to get a general idea of how something would look before it goes into production.


I actually like the aesthetic :)


This is a HUGE model of the Hogwarts castle. The enviroment changes from night to day using special lighting effects.


This is easily the biggest, most detailed model you're ever going to see!

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I've been there with my fiancee as she is obsessed Harry Potter. I take it these photos are a few months old as there is snow on the Hogwarts models and the christmastree is in the lobby. They called it Christmas on Hogwarts and the model was apparently a 'special surprise' at the end of the tour. Nice photos and it's pretty cool if you like to know how the movies were made. I myself is looking forward to the park in Orlando with the ride and the girl already said she wanted to fly over for that (not the coaster but the other stuff).

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Thank you! I was pretty surprised myself. The photos were taken on November last year and yes- it was a special event with Hogwarts castle in the snow.


It would be interesting to see how this will compare with Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Florida. Universal did a superb job with Hogsmeade at Islands of Adventure and the level of detail there was very impressive especially for a theme park.

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Thank you! I was pretty surprised myself. The photos were taken on November last year and yes- it was a special event with Hogwarts castle in the snow.


It would be interesting to see how this will compare with Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Florida. Universal did a superb job with Hogsmeade at Islands of Adventure and the level of detail there was very impressive especially for a theme park.


November was when I was there too.


I don't think they will be similar at all. This one is about the making of the films and Orlando will be a more interactive experience as I understand. As for the level of detail I think it will be every bit as good.

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I did the studio tour a few years ago - it's a bit of a way outside of London. Unlike Florida, which is designed to "immerse" guests into the films, the studio tour is intended to show how the movies were made - props and costumes were prominently displayed. It is also (at the time) one of two places in the world that sells Butterbeer (the other being Florida) - a question that I answered correctly when they asked.


One curiosity I noticed was the Knight Bus - when the expansion opened up in Florida, I had thought they moved the Knight Bus prop over here, but as it turns out, they built two props, both slightly different.


The building style is similar, however here they are just facades, while in Florida they are designed as working buildings to handle weather and foot traffic.


The highlight of the tour is of course the Hogwarts model at the end. With a lot of movies done in CGI, many effects in Harry Potter were done the old fashioned way


Knight Bus in London


Knight Bus in Florida. Note how the windows are different


Knight Bus in London interior


Knight Bus in Florida. Note a few other differences (aside from the condition of the beds). There are ads above the windows, the railing in the ceiling is a different, and the chandelier doesn't hang quite as low.


Dumbledore's office in London


Dumbledore's office in Florida

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