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  1. Thank you. It will be interesting to compare the two side by side and see how they match (or differ) from each other.
  2. Thank you! I was pretty surprised myself. The photos were taken on November last year and yes- it was a special event with Hogwarts castle in the snow. It would be interesting to see how this will compare with Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Florida. Universal did a superb job with Hogsmeade at Islands of Adventure and the level of detail there was very impressive especially for a theme park.
  3. While not really a theme park - the Studio Tour in Warner Bros. studio is just amazing! With a short ride from London you'll find yourself surrounded by the amazing art, sets and wardrobe of the Harry Potter films. Definitely worth a day trip when you're in London. You start your trip on this themed-to-the-death double-decker bus (which looks nice in a way) Yep.. that's our tickets!! (exciting isn't it?) When you get to the studio - you realise that this is the real deal! The studio has one of the best Harry Potter merchandise anywhere - a real time squasher! This is Harry'
  4. If you're looking for a unique french theme park experience and a less "touristy" theme park - this is it. The park offers an interesting alternative to the Disneyland Park with some very interesting attractions that you can't usually find elsewhere and the unmistakably humor that made the Astrix comics world famous is apparent throughout out the park. The theming is lovely and the park itself recently added a whole new Egyptian land this year. With its rich theming, fun atmosphere - this is a nice place to explore and enjoy. A nice day trip/break from Paris as well. Entrance to the park,
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