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Has Anyone ever built a working rollercoaster model??

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I tried to make a S&S Tower. I used rubberbands, but it was too tight and shot up and made a hole in my ceiling


Now I made a catapult that hurls stuff really far! 8)



That reminds me of when I attempted 2 things with my legos:


An S&S lego tower that was pulled to the top by hand and when released, the car slammed down either sticking to the base or breaking into peices


A sky slingshot w/ rubberband bungee cords. I pulled the pod thingy down and had re-enacted Vertigo's Tower collapse.


After looking at more pix on the internet, my brother thought it also maybe possible to build an Intamin first gen freefall (aka Dumpster Drop) being as he has curved peices. Any of these ideas we have in mind are all going to be motorized so we won't have cars crashing thru the ceiling. I'll post pix when we're done.

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Does the K'nex roller coaster models count? I have built Screamin' Serpent, Rippin' Rocket Roller Coaster, and all of their alternate models. I also made 3 custom models. Only 1 of them worked.

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So Mr Six, AKA Clown dude, Your S: TE is more like our Dreamworld Tower of Terror.


Any news on any pictures mate?


Yeah, I guess my coaster more like the Tower of Terror. I filled up my camera cards over the weekend and they take about 2 hours (About 150 pics) each to download on my computer. Also the weather in Cali was bad so I didn't take it out of the Garage and into the rain yesturday. On friday I will be at Disneyland all day so I promise I will have them on the site on Saturday.

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I have only built knex coaster models. Here are pictures of my "amusement park" in my room. I have a coaster, a drop tower, and a ferris wheel with a coaster in the middle. Here are some pictures:




I also have a video. It's not the greatest, but it shows ya that it works! This was before I redid the turnaround of the coaster and moved the drop tower. I think this is the link. It wouldn't work for me though. So good luck.



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Stand by for pics! Before I go out and get the pictures does anyone want a picture of any certain thing on the ride?


^ Woah dude...I like the mini theme park! How long did that take to set up? That looks sweet! Video does not work.


^^ Ok...weekend's over. When are you going to post the pix? Just any of the ride. Take various shots of the LIMs u used and stuff as well as some overviewage.


Here's the deal with my S&S tower: The tower is still standing, car was made and attached to the string pulleys I was going to use but yea...it kinda sucked...not a smooth ride, motor would have been too weak to lift the car and I thought of a counterbalance but not enough peices to do that. So, I think I'm going to change it up to a Booster-type ride as long as I can get the seats to freeley rotate...and I have ways to do it.

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OMG! I've had such a rough time trying to get my hands and that damn camera..but I finally have it! The camera was placed in a truck that wasn't at home for most of Saturday and Sunday. But now I have it and I will take the pics right when I get home from school on monday.

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