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Best Coaster Layouts

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^ Drachen Fire was so so bad though.


I rode it a few times, but am having trouble remembering why it was bad. I thought it "worked" but maybe because I was young and it was still a new concept???? I don't really remember it being rough, but maybe if it was designed as an invert it would probably be even more awesome! Can someone jog my memory and tell me why everyone hated it......

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I thought I'd post some awesome layouts of coasters I've actually been on - layouts that I know not only look good but deliver an awesome ride.


Blue Fire's layout is almost perfect. The only fault for me is it loses its pacing a little while cresting it's airtimeless hill that threads the vertical loop, but it makes up for it with it's awesome inline twist finale. It also looks stunning.


Black Mamba has to be one of the most underrated B&Ms on the planet. It kept up an extremely fast pace with constant positive G's and tons of directional changes. I actually personally think it's pacing is better than that on Nemesis, as while Nemesis has some "dead spots" (turn after the vertical loop, final helix into brakes) Black Mamba never let up until the end.

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