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[RCT2] Alabama Adventure

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Hello TPR! I usually do RCT3 related Items. I've never done a detailed RCT2 park before. I actually like the way it's turning out.


The parking tolls. $7 for adults $5 for children under 14.


The main entrance. It has a very forest feel to it.


A small little teaser for the first revealed coaster.


I know it could use a little touching up, but it's part storyline park part WIP park.

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Ugh, covering up unfinished parts of your screenshot with white (or black) is so tacky! Finish the screenshot or don't show it at all!


The project looks very well-put together so far.

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^^Yeah, I thought so too. Thanks!



Mudslide built in 1977 was the park's first steel coaster. Built by Schwarzkopf, it dives down close to the terrain and even goes underground.


The coaster's classic double loop followed by the MCBR with a dive down towards the water, along with a pizza restaurant, and a skeeball game.


Mudslide's station, and a tilt-a-whirl. Another restaurant has been placed near both rides.


The final helix, still needs some theming/foliage.


One final look at a train diving down into the ground.

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I like it a lot, but the ride entrance in Mudslide's station is really bothering me.


I suggest maybe raising the roof up one block so you can put a square block right over the entrance and ensure that it won't poke through (or you could hide entrances and exits if you're trainer savvy (unlike me).

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As a tip, remember the 24 hours rule between each post! just to prevent sanctions and get your park locked for some time!


Please, no backseat moderating. Your moderators really DO know what we're doing here!



Games Forum Moderating Team


Sorry... R.D


I was only letting him know to prevent the locking happening, only as a friend tip! not as a moderator!


won't do it again.

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