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[NL] Dive Machine

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Rumors are running rampant with the removal of Perilous Plunge everything has been rumored to be going into that spot. So here's my take on the Dive Machine idea/rumor/speculation :O)


Stats: 215 feet tall, with a 200 foot 90* vertical drop, 2808 feet in length, 73 mph max speed.


Elements: 128 foot tall Immelman Loop , 110 foot tall high speed Overbanked Turn, DOUBLE CORKSCREW!!! at 77 and 65 feet tall , 40 foot negative G speed hill.





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From looking at the 2nd photo, it looks like the drop isn't vertical. This isn't like a Dive Machine at all as they are all vertical or very close to vertical (e.g. Oblivion). I'm not a big fan of the double corkscrew as it screams Arrow, though other than those two, I find this to be a pretty good NL coaster. I really like the overbank and there is really good speed throughout the ride.


(Also, a little more compact doesn't hurt, this is KBF after all. )

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An interesting design, the new NL2 will be a great improvement for this track.


Can someone explain where all these Dive Machine rumors came from?! Looking at the de-construction pictures, there is no way a dive machine could splash down in the existing pool, then make a turn into the existing station.


I like your concept, maybe a NL challenge will be sparked from this???

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Personally, I like the corkscrews. I think you were giving a nod to the original Corkscrew at KBF which was the first modern era looping coaster in 1975, that featured, yes, 2 corkscrews. Makes sense to me. I think it's an original idea as no dive coaster has build a corkscrew yet, but who's to say they couldn't engineer a double corkscrew into a dive machine some day? I've seen lots of crazy things in my life time that I didn't think were possible (beyond 90 degree drops for example).

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