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Check out my Knoebel's video

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I've got a video of Knoebel's from August 2004. I tried to do a new thing with POVs, but I'm not sure if it works or not. You can even see video of the dismantled Whirlwind. It was quite a painful experience, I must say!


Go to the link below and click on the link for Barry's Knoebel's video...





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Honestly, Its cool but its almost like every other coaster video out there. I kinda didnt like the speeded up POV because it was always a tad bit shakey but it made it worst w/ the speeding up. The clips were a tad bit too short and and the ramdomness of the shots could have been better if you had to combine the several 2 and 3 second shots of the same thing together and make it longer, in my opinion, it would have been better. Also this is just me but I got the vibe that those people looked like they werent all that thrilled to be filmed.


Now the good things is that you have a good collection of shots of the park which is a major plus instead of focusing on just the coasters!The park looks like a fun place especially with all the what looks to be a great assortment of all the classic flat rides. Thanks for being an outlet for the community!

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