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The DNA of griffonj [RCT3]

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That's amazing. I wish I could do that.


I've been playing the RCT series since I was five, and didn't start doing custom content (tracks, scenery, etc.) until I was around 14, so it takes a lot of practice, practice, practice! If I look back at my first release, UNDERTAKER, I can see how much I've grown since then, and it's miles away from there. You just have to remember to keep your design aesthetic and ideas in mind when working on a project, and you'll be amazed at what comes out of your head. I wish you the best of luck in future endeavors, and hope that you will someday be better than I was!




Since I'm really bursting at the seams right now with creative energy, I'm going to show you all something that I really haven't shown anyone before...


1. iDNA

2. Mutation

3. SkyRush

4. D


6. N

7. D

8. A

9. B


Notice any trends? I'm already a 1/3 of the way through the DNA PHASE, and I already have the name for the third and final phase with some ideas and rides poking through. Anyone want to play a game of Truth or DARE? PM me if you're willing to take me up on the offer...


Oh, and I hope to release a teaser video for the next project by this Friday. "Bang, bang, shot you dead..."



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A new, daring creation and the fourth attraction of the DNA Phase, DARE, a B&M Floorless coaster, gives riders unexpected elements and features that aren't on any other ride in the world. With a head-first inverting first drop, a hidden vertical drop, and many more surprises, DARE challenges riders to face their fears. Hitting a maximum speed of almost 70mph, dropping more than 150ft., and enduring almost 5+ G's of force, playing a game of Truth or DARE isn't for the weak...it's for the daring.



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Neat, but that drop has to produce like, negative 3 Gs, which would be incredibly uncomfortable and, most importantly, unsafe. But you are using RCT3, so, everything's made up and the points don't matter.

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Neat, but that drop has to produce like, negative 3 Gs, which would be incredibly uncomfortable and, most importantly, unsafe. But you are using RCT3, so, everything's made up and the points don't matter.


I know that it looks scary, but I actually have a brake at the top that slows down the drop significantly. After doing a ton of tests with the trim and without the trim, the final result came in at a little over -1 G. I doubt that that is truly accurate, but at least it's "marketable."

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Now, due to the impending storm that is Hurricane Sandy coming right my way, I figured I'd give you guys a heads up that if I indeed do lose power, DARE will not be able to be released on Halloween. I still have a heavy amount of work to do, but that hasn't stopped me before! I really hope I'll be able to finish DARE on time and release it, but here's a little something to hold you over...



Phase III is already planned?! There are tons of clues hidden in this picture, and if you present them to me correctly you might be surprised at what you'll see. The final phase isn't coming until Spring 2013, but I just couldn't help myself.

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Well, I'm back. After months of an unplanned hiatus, I am returning to what was the almost-release of DARE. I never intended to leave the DNA Phase in the dirt or have all of you not be able to experience what I have been working on, life just took center stage and everything else seemed to trail behind. Being a senior in high school doesn't help, neither does having your sport's season right in the middle of everything, or working on the weekends, so my unplanned hiatus was truly, well, unplanned.



While I wasn't playing the game I delved into my brain a little bit more and had an overwhelming surge of ideas and new rides flow out; the third phase is almost done design-wise. Music has played a really intense role in all of the designs that have come out of the creative rush, mostly dance, EDM, house, and pop music fueling some of the most outrageous and innovative rides that exist in the RCT3 world. I don't mean to sound pushy or rude, but they show my evolution as a designer while also being revolutionary in the game. The third phase will be coming in Late Spring of 2013, hopefully in May!



The First Ride of PHASE III

I've also been experimenting here and there with new ride types and designs, using some new CTR's and scenery here and there that have resulted in more than a few rides that will go under the category of THE UNRELEASED FILES, another separate "folder" of designs that will be released periodically here and there when I feel they are ready to be released. Among them is a rather intense B&M Sit-Down named RED modeled after Blue Fire...


An experimental Skyrush-esque ride named Automatic...



And even...



In regards to the DNA Phase, I have about 1/4 of the video for DARE done. I still have some filming to do to wrap up the video, but I hopefully will have it out in February. After the release of DARE, I had initially planned on doing a Verbolten re-creation, ultimately realizing how daunting a task that indeed was last year. So, I replaced that attraction with a B&M Flying coaster named LOCUS. I chose the name LOCUS for one main reason - a locus, in regards to DNA, is a connector or center point of the strand, so why not name the ride in the exact center of the phase that? It also could be taken as a pun towards the flying creatures called locusts, but I hope that isn't what you think of when it's released.


After LOCUS comes a creative ride that I've named NeurENRG, a ride based on the pathological and nervous system rush that one gets when adrenaline or excitement floods the body. It will feature one of the world's first uphill launches, shooting riders up and out of the subterranean glass cavern, as well as multiple airtime hills and tight helixes. It's yet another design that I'm excited to release.



Following NeurENRG will be a B&M Dive Coaster, a Nine-Inversion Coaster, and then the final piece to the puzzle that will basically open the doors to the third and final phase. A lot of time and thought has been put into that ride, and as boundary-pushing as I think it is, it's only the breaking point for the rest of the rides that follow, a so-called limit that I have yet to reach...it's coming at the very end of April.


I apologize for the hiatus that I have had, but a lot of great things are on the way, so I hope you stick around for the ride.




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I really excited for the release of DARE tomorrow! The video is turning out much better than I had imagined, and my ideas are fueling one of the most intense rides I've ever done. I do have to say that I'm proud of DARE on many levels, but the magnitude of this ride and the maneuvers that it does is quite extreme, so have an open mind when riding tomorrow.



I'll also warn you ahead of time that the music accompanying the video for DARE is explicit. If all goes well I may even release some of LOCUS too...

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67 mph

4,240 ft.

142 ft. 2nd Drop

+4.17 G's

-1.3 G's

1.5 Lateral G's

7 Inversions

DARE, in my mind, may be one of the most insane rides I've ever done (for now). I've been dying to use the name DARE on a ride for months, maybe even years, and to finally release an attraction worthy of that title makes me really excited. All day today I kept saying in my head "DARE is coming out today!" not only because I haven't released a ride in months, but because I think that this ride shows off how limitless the possibilities are for a ride. No one has even done a first drop like the one on DARE, nor been as adventurous as to stick a vertical drop into a ravine as the ride's finale. I also think that this ride shows off how daring I am (pun intended!) in my designs and the progression of my attractions over time. Each one seems to link my DNA together a little bit more, and DARE illustrates how truly intense, aggressive, and powerful I can be at times.


Tomorrow I will link images of the ride as well as statistics in this original post, so check back then for more! I know that the ride hits almost 5 G's when it heads into the Cobra Roll and at the turn over the water, as well as a top speed of around 70 mph. It may even be the fastest floorless coaster in the world...I'd have to check on that one.


Enjoy the video and be sure to comment below! I am a fan of constructive criticism and comments, so feel free to offer up anything that come to mind. The next attraction in the DNA Phase, Locus, should be coming in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes open for that attraction as well.




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Alright, I think it's time to have a little fun here. I've actually announced two more of the names for attractions coming in the DNA Phase, yet there are three more that come after that. If you notice a pattern within the names of the phase, you'll figure out what I'm working with on #8...


1. iDNA

2. Mutation

3. SkyRush



6. NeurENRG

7. -i--

8. --i--



Think about the music that's been used for Phase II. If you know the name of the album then you're all set, but if you don't then you'll have some digging to do. Also, if someone names BOTH #7 and #8, I'll release something from PHASE III. It may just be a sneak peek at something that's undergoing a change as we speak.


Be sure to vote in the poll I've created above as well! I've finished something that I will hopefully produce and release as part of the final phase, so be sure to check it out above. If you're interested in finding out more information about the topic feel free to pm me at any time...


Oh, and LOCUS is coming March 15th.

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I love your coasters, very unique! Can't wait to see more.


Thank you for the support! As I've mentioned, LOCUS will be coming out March 15th with NeurENRG following close after, so you'll be able to view these guys in the coming weeks. Hope you stick around to see the rest of the DNA Phase completed!


Be sure to vote in the poll above too! It only runs until tomorrow night, so be sure to make a decision by then on whether or not you would like this...



...to become a reality. I'm cautious about going forward with the APP's production because I'm unsure as to whether or not followers would be receptive of it, thus the reason I created a poll. So, if you could, vote on whether or not you would use it. And don't worry, it will be able to be used on Android devices as well if you choose for it to be released!


Expect an update and teaser for LOCUS this coming weekend. It's a very tight and twisted B&M Flyer featuring some new maneuvers, so be sure to look for that as well!

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I apologize for double posting, but LOCUS is out! I finished all of the filming and editing yesterday, but the video didn't upload onto YouTube until late last night. But, everything about LOCUS is listed above, so check out the pictures, watch the videos, and flND yOUR CENTER!


I initially had planned on doing a Verbolten recreation as the 5th ride in the DNA Phase, but soon realized that I had not enough time in my life to dedicate to such an extensive project. The ride ended up being saved for another date for me to finish (if I choose to), and I set out to design another ride to take it's place. LOCUS was designed in the middle of PHASE III designs, but I went back a little bit in my brain to make LOCUS fit within the DNA Phase more than PHASE III. It was designed in a mere ten minutes.


LOCUS illustrates the idea of having a specific center point. The ride is very compact, much more compact than previous endeavors, and really pushed my idea of how supports and structuring of ride design is done. I wanted the ride to be contained like it is to show the meaning of the word locus: a central point along a specific strand of DNA. The name fitted not only because the ride was so smushed together, but because the ride is smack dab in the middle of the DNA Phase. It turned out being one of my favorite rides!


The video for this one used less editing features and more motion of the camera when shooting. I wanted to sort of "fly" with the coaster as it went through the motions, and I think I did it pretty well. I'm pleased with the way the video turned out, and an unedited POV is also included.


Following LOCUS is NeurENRG, a ride that takes impulse from the brain and nervous system. More information will be coming on that on a later date, so for now enjoy flNDING yOUR CENTER!



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Ever since I was five, I remember playing RollerCoasterTycoon in all of my free time. I remember I had to call my aunt to figure out how to make loops on the rides, set a timer for half an hour every time I wanted to play (that I would always set back every time it got to 15 minutes), and even pretend that I truly owned these parks. By the time I was 10, I remember designing rides in my head at school instead of paying attention to lessons on Native Americans, as well as coming home and drawing out advertisements within hidden notebooks. By the time I was 15, roller coasters were constantly there with me wherever I went. I would walk outside, get an idea, and have to run back inside to write it down to save for later.



Now, I get ideas almost every day. It can either be a name, ride colors, a specific ride element, or even be inspired by something I see or hear. However, once I get an idea, it doesn't stay out of my head until I get it out into the form that it's meant to be in. It may take tweaking and altering here and there, but once the design is done, it's only the beginning of the energy.



NeurENRG, like other rides, came from a simple idea. I don't quite recall where I was or what I was doing when I got the idea, but I remember seeing a massive train come roaring out of the ground and shoot up skyward only to fall back down to the ground at a rapid pace. That single idea, a tiny inkling in my brain, turned into NeurENRG.



Inspired by the feeling that I get when an idea comes to me, NeurENRG gets it's name by melding two common words: neurology and energy. Neurology, or the study of the human nervous system and what it undergoes, is something that fascinates me. When I get an idea, it feels like it shoots through my nerves and into my brain so fast that the energy rush is incredible, almost to the point where I'm obsessed with the idea until I "release" it. NeurENRG was created to illustrate that idea.



I'm not out to prove anything with this attraction, or to break any rules like I have done multiple times in the past. NeurENRG is simply a roller coaster on a mission - to show how one simple reaction can lead to massive amounts of energy and creativity. While it's not that daring or inventive in certain aspects, it's something that's unlike others in the RCT world.


And that's set in my DNA...

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While going into the game to finish up NeurENRG, the game has shut down on me twice. I think it may have something to do with the tree set that I'm using since it doesn't seem to want to work whoever that set is opened. I will try my hardest to get out at least an "Unofficial" POV for everyone since I'm going on vacation and won't be able to work on NeurENRG until I return home.


This may mean that NeurENRG won't be coming until the second week of April...that's my debockle. Hope to at least release something for you all to see tonight, so keep your eyes open!



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Discovering the Man Behind the Moniker


I've always thought that one day I would be able to explain the uncertain, but was never sure when that day would be.


When I was 13 I created an alter ego for myself; it was a way to release all of the ideas I had in my head while still maintaining a personal part of myself that I had yet to show or give. The name was a combination of multiple things: the name I would have picked for myself at the time, my father's middle initial, and the year that I hope to have children before. I don't quite know how that all came together, but that was the end result.


The name "griffonj2022" allowed me to access and create things that I, in my own skin, wasn't comfortable producing under my real name. It gave me a space to be free. It gave me the opportunity to start over and do something that I've always wanted to do. Becoming griffonj2022 helped me become the person that I am today.


Who I am isn't defined by just one name, it's defined by two. Even though I choose not to reveal my true name, my name as griffonj2022 will continue to be my name as well. I have discovered that having not one, but two names gave me the ability to be versatile, balancing both reality and fantasy in the same brain. Reality exists in my everyday life; I go to school, drive my car, eat, spend time with my family, listen to music, and hang out with my friends. Fantasy, however, exists in other places; my computer, music interpretation, video editing and filming, photography, ride designs, roller coasters, colors, images, and more. Griffonj2022 allows me to put an artistic/theatrical aspect into my life that I'm not confident enough to do in reality, and now I can see how that has shaped myself.


So, why make all the fuss about it today?


Well, first of all, I am 18 today. Yes, April 9 is my birthday, and since 9 is my lucky number, today I have double the luck that I had before. That luck and positive energy I hope will continue on the rest of the year with big things coming in the future.


"What big things?" you may ask... NeurENRG is almost finished and should be released by the end of next week. After that, a Dive Machine will be introduced, and then a 9-Inversion Ride. Yes, those nine inversions are intentional too. The finale of The DNA Phase is coming in June, and then after that?



THE ------------ PHASE


It's going to take what you know about ride designs and throw them out the window. Realistic rides were found in Phase I, a blend of realism and fantasy is evident now in Phase II, but in PHASE III, expect pure fantasy to come into play.


All the rules are gone.


Don't believe me? Check this out...



PHASE III is coming soon...much sooner than you expect it to be. And it's unlike anything else I've done before. The moniker griffonj2022 has been identified with designs in the past such as N9NE, but PHASE III is what I want to be remembered for. In my mind I'm creating a huge branding device for myself, not only by designing rides, but by creating a whole website for myself.


Happy Birthday!


P.III. - SUMMER 2013


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Aptly named, DiVE originates from classic B&M Dive Machines. Featuring elements from SheiKra, Griffon, Krake, and other well known "divers", DiVE takes the plunge from 150+ ft. only to hit the water and rise up into an Immelman. Repeating the process again, splashing down into the water, and experiencing more airtime, riders on this Dive Machine by griffonj2022 will discover a similar ride in new light. Inspired by a person diving into water and rising back up to the surface, DiVE relates to griffonj's DNA by illustrating his athletic abilities as a swimmer as well as his love for water. Are you willing to Take the Plunge?





Take the Plunge


And after...



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