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Cedar Point Memorial Day Weekend Photo TR

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Hey TPR,


This is my first trip report on the forums.


Me and my dad drove all the way from Rhode Island to Cedar Point for three days of thrills.


We left at 3:30 Friday morning and got to the Breakers Express close to 2.

We went to the park on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and we had fastlane on the Saturday.



Driving into the park for the first time.



Raptor was an awesome ride.



There were some good forces especially through the final helix. The ride is starting to get that B&M rattle though. It's not as smooth as some of the other B&M's I've been on.



Still it is was my new favorite invert. I rank it better than Montu, my old number 1. We rode it 4 times over the weekend.




Iron Dragon was my first Arrow suspended coaster and I enjoyed it. It wasn't fantastic, but it was worth the ride, especially when it was a walk-on. We rode it twice over the three days.



Mantis was the biggest surprise for me on the trip. All I had heard was complaints about how it was a ball-buster and it hurt your legs, but I found it to be an awesome ride. The forces were intense, especially from the transition from the loop into the dive loop. I nearly grayed-out there. Still, we rode it 5 times.



Mantis offers some awesome pictures.



Maverick was my favorite coaster. In fact it beat out Bizarro for my favorite coaster of all time. It offered so much. The first drop was ridiculous. The ejector airtime was unmatched and the launch was exhilarating. I rode it 9 times over the three days. I rode every row. The front was cool, but I liked the back because there was a little more air back there.



This is my favorite picture. I didn't realize how awesome the silhouette of Maverick looked against the sunset.



This hill has some of the craziest airtime ever.



I can't imagine how much more awesome it would have been if they had kept the inline twist.



Me and Millie. My hair was a little messed up because this shot was taken after I had gotten off the front row of Dragster.



Intamin sure knows how to build amazing rides.



I had always heard that this ride had almost no airtime, but I found that it had a good amount. Maybe it was running really well, or maybe it just takes a lot less to lift my 135 pound body into the air.



The train offers some great photo opportunities, too bad there was no train coming down the first hill.



Kill it, Kill it with fire! Or at least do a Rocky Mountain Refurb.



I may look happy, but then again this was taken before I rode.


The ride was really rough. I had heard rumors about the roughness, but taken into account I love the Cyclone at SFNE, I figured it wouldn't be that bad. I was wrong this ride kicked the crap out of me.



Here is my artsy-fartsy shot.



Dragster was tall and fast and crazy in the front seat. However it got boring after awhile. My dad absolutely loved it but I found nothing special really.



I'll end this portion of the report with this picture of Millennium Force from across the marina.

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Was Mean Streak really as rough as you said? I've rode it multiple times this season and while it isn't butter smooth, it's definitely not a very rough ride. It's just pretty boring, really. It has just the right amount of roughness a woodie should have.


The second and third times we rode it were much better, but the first time almost killed me. I guess it doesn't help that we were towards the back and in a wheel seat. The roughness wasn't too bad but the first time was awful.

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