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N9NE - Feel the Force - Ixia Valley [RCT3]

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Perception, like thousands of other words in the English language, is often defined as many things. It can be based off of our lives and what we identify as our own, it can deal with psychology and sensory, and it can be explained in law as taking possession of another's personal belongings.



However, in the Funk & Wagnalls Standard College Dictionary, copyrighted in 1974 (a bit back in time, as you can see), perception is defined as this:


perception [per-sep-shuhn] n.

1. The act or process of perceiving. 2. The result or effect of perceiving. 3. Any insight, knowledge, or intuitive judgment arrived at by or as by perceiving. 4. The capacity for perceiving. 5. Law The taking of something, as crops or profits, into possession.



Now, going and finding the definition for perceive, we find this:


perceive [per-seev] v.t. & v.i. ceived, ceiv-ing

1. To become aware of (something) through the senses; see, hear, feel, taste, or smell. 2. To come to understand; apprehend with the mind.



Essentially, we can conclude that perception, while complicated, is a process of the mind that depicts and describes what it sees, hears, and feels around it, thus creating an entire world for itself and it's user. This world, or fantasy, can be good or bad for the user, depending on what type of perception that they are enduring. However, perception can also be created from the reality around them, having a person be enveloped in what seems to be truly real, or truly fictional, among them.




Perception cannot be defined by a single definition either. The word itself is always changing and adapting, conforming to the means of which the user intends it to be. Whether it be based off of reality or fantasy, perception itself cannot be defined, as it is different for every single person. The idea of it is one that is much like a personality, having distinguishing traits and characteristics that make it who, or what, it is. It is ever evolving with the society and culture around it, making it something that is, dare we say, untraceable...


Until now.




A Place Where Fantasy Meets Reality

Flourishing 3(12(12



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Neuro-Engineering Undertakes First-Ever Theme Park

IXIA VALLEY said to be "unlike anything else in the world" when finished


With many theme parks, thrill rides, and roller coasters found across the globe, it may not seem like a big deal when another one comes along. Having so many of them fill the U.S. alone, theme parks are one of the main attention-grabbers for thrill-seeking tourists, offering "once in a lifetime" experiences to us (or so they say).


Up to now, the phrase "once in a lifetime" has become so generic that we don't even know the definition of it anymore, correct? It has become a part of everyday society that conforms to the user's desires, giving up it's true meaning and effect.


But that's all about to change.


Introducing IXIA VALLEY, a theme park unlike any other. It's a place Where Fantasy Meets Reality, having the two meld into one somewhere through the lines. Each section will be home to attractions that are based off the lands they are in, testing human perception and the mind. IXIA VALLEY will offer indescribable rides and attractions that could only be experienced in this manner, giving visitors and guests a truly "once in a lifetime" adventure.


In the Fantasy section of the park, the main attraction will be Psychosis, a Flying Roller Coaster manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard of Switzerland. Featuring unique elements and inversions that have never been performed on a flying coaster before, Psychosis will have it's riders take to the sky and make them question whether they are actually experiencing something real, or fantastical.


Another attraction, inBlue, is said to be something unique as well, although minimal information has yet to be revealed on the attraction. Other rides found within the Fantasy section of the park will keep the same theme as Psychosis, and continue to test the riders on whether the experience is something that is true or fictional.


In the Reality section of the park, two roller coasters will be featured as main attractions. The first, LiMiT, is a Mini-Dive Machine manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard. It will feaure two vertical drops, one into a ravine, and have extreme weightlessness and airtime throughout it's course. Did we mention the trains would be floorless too? The second coaster, verve, is an Intamin LSM Accelerator, shooting riders out from under the valley edge up and out of the metallic underground. At speeds of over 60 mph, the ride will be one of the fastest in the park, as well as the shortest.


With speculation to a so-called In-Between section to the park, a place where the Fantasy and Reality sections seem to meld into one, certain ride names and attractions are yet to be determined. For starters, the name DMA is said to be on a list of attraction names for the undetermined section, along with Catatonia, Déjà Vu, and Euphoria. DMA, as mentioned above, is said to be an smaller version of an Intamin Impulse coaster, being a play on words of DNA and the drug MDMA, better known as ecstasy.


Construction on the unknown park began last year in the quiet landscape of the 9th state of the U.S. - New Hampshire. Little information has been given out on when the park will open, or be finished, and has yet to be determined for a later release.


When asked to comment on the project, construction workers and businessmen gave us all the same quote:


"One of the definitions of sanity is the ability to tell real from unreal. Soon we'll need a new definition."




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If you ask me, you should try and stray away from the 'viral' campaign. It makes everything feel so incomplete, it's diluting the 'wow' factor a bit too much when you gradually show more and more.

I tend to agree, I appreciate all the effort you put into the campaign stuff behind your parks. It’s just most of the time I find myself skimming through it and looking at the pictures. Obviously it’s down to personal opinion, it’s just I prefer a more picture less writing story. This will not stop me from following though as I love all your other work on these forums and this project looks promising too, keep up the great work!


Cheers, Jake

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I completely understand. The writing portions above are just introduction into the basis of the park and the story I'm trying to tell. It's quite the extensive project that will be revealed piece by piece, ultimately leading up to the New Attraction reveal for the In-Between section of the park in 2012. Don't worry, there will be lots of pictures along the way, and I hope you'll stick around to see what IX(IA VALLEY) puts out!




P.S. - The IX references myself, as IX = 9, or my lucky number.

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I like the way the pictures look in quotes...


I thought about naming it that at first, but I decided against it because it wasn't a process of the mind in all aspects of the human lifetime. Reality and Fantasy can apply to when a person is alive, dead (it's possible...), awake, sleeping, etc., while the subconscious, in my opinion, is basically something that is only really apparent in your dreams. What happens throughout your day to day life is remembered by your subconscious, replaying those events in a dream and altering them so you may not recognize them. That's essentially the whole scheme of the park one could say, but I decided on another term instead.



After much debate, I chose the name In-Between because I wanted to have that section of the park literally be in between the Fantasy and Reality sections. The name also is defined as "a person or thing that is between two extremes, two contrasting conditions, etc.", which essentially is the whole motive behind it. The In-Between will be a blending of the Fantasy and Reality zones of the park, having the guest be able or unable to tell the difference between the two based on their perception.


Basically, the whole park is going to be a test of the mind and what guests perceive to be real or fictional. I want guests to have their perception on their world tested at IXIA VALLEY, having them differentiate between what they think is really real or fake. While my idea of reality will be directly portrayed in the park, it may have a fantastical, imaginary sense to it. The fantasy side is my idea of fantasy as well, but it may just look like reality to some people. The two are going to be polar opposites, yet somehow have the user wonder which is which in the end.



That's the ultimate question: Which is which?

Is reality truly real? Or is it fictional?

Is fantasy truly imaginary? Or is it tangible?



When I'm done with this park, I hope that you won't know the answer to any of those questions...




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“When I look back on my life, it’s not that I don’t want to see things exactly as they happened, it’s just that I prefer to remember them in an artistic way. And truthfully the lie of it all is much more honest…because…I invented it.”


Creation, in a sense, is something that requires nothing. It can arise out of the smallest of circumstances, growing out of seemingly transparent space. It also seems to be something that we, as human beings, witness every day. Creation, which many think of as growth leading to birth and life, is a natural process of our world that constantly is occurring. It cannot be stopped.


However, it is defined as “the act of producing or causing to exist”, inferring that something must be utilized to create. Creation needs a basis from which it can form, evolve, and grow, beginning from a single strand of existence. Eventually, this single strand multiplies over and over, resulting in a final product of epiphany.


This is my creation.


Ixia Valley is yet another field on which my Creation Phase can form, offering up one final addition to the first phase of my public existence in the digital realm. The force with which my final creation will be based upon is something that many may see as redundant or ridiculous, but for me, it is my source of creation. Without it, none of any of my previous projects would exist.


This force is found throughout my daily life, showing itself in random locations, events, and times throughout the day. It offers me creativity, ingenuity, and even psychotic thoughts, but still maintains a sense of grounding. This force cannot be defined in my mind, as it has existed with me since the day I was born, signaling to me even then that it would be with me until the day that I died.


It is unlike anything that has ever been described before.


It is unlike anything that has ever existed before.


It is a force that cannot be determined.


And it’s coming…



6(27(12 The World Will Feel the Force – Will You?


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IXIA VALLEY taking it to the nines?

A look inside the secret and hidden world yet to be revealed


Many people throughout their day think, correct? Our brains are constantly in use, performing daily activities, remembering past events, and solving problems that we encounter. They are a vital element to our survival, offering us an essential component to our network of nerves, bones, organs, and skin that compose our bodies.


But, has it ever been tested to its limits?



A never-before-seen theme park in rural New Hampshire plans to do so. Dubbed IXIA VALLEY by the neurologic company that created it, the park is said to be based off the brain and it's perception on the world around it; with the right side of the park being based on fantasy and creation, a fundamental belief of the brain, and the left side of the park being based on reality and logic, IXIA VALLEY hopes to test whether or not these ideals are real.



However, no one knows what is going on inside of the park grounds. Images have been released prior to today that offer depictions of rocks scattered in glass, and a flying attraction surrounded by rocky hillsides and trees, as well as a list of proposed attraction names for within the park. Aside from that, we only have one thing - nothing.



But today, park officials have released nine images from their top secret attraction, giving us a look into what the park is currently working on. Said to be the most intense sensory experience on the planet, the attraction will be unlike any other seen before, yet very similar to many attractions before it. It's creation is derived from it's past, having eight so-called attractions arrive before it that have, essentially, created it.



The name and details of the attraction have yet to be released (surprise, surprise!), but many have tossed around rumored names and such. Some believe that it will be a dull, run-of-the-mill roller coaster while others believe that it will be extremely original. With suggested titles as NeurEnergy, Axiom, Mutation, and even the number 9, no one has any indication of the true ride name and experience.



Those that have witnessed these newly released photographs know that the ride will feature inversions, with approximately six counted so far. Most of the inversions will feature zero gravity, offering intense sections of pure weightlessness and giving riders a feeling of floating over nothing. There is also a corkscrew, as well as an Immelman or dive loop. The ride also seems to have an airtime hill situated somewhere during it's course.



As previously mentioned in a prior article, the ride will feature a station entirely made of glass. This unique, although risky, element will be one of the most adventurous parts of the whole ride experience, along with a virtually support-less lift hill. From the image, the majority of the ride's lift hill is unsupported, giving yet another daring and deceptive aspect to an already deceptive attraction.



However, many think that the most unique element of the hidden roller coaster will be a vertical twisting section of track located somewhere during the ride. Many think that it will be featured as a surprise element, a secret track section that has yet to be revealed where on the course of the attraction, while others see it as a hoax or a fake. Regardless, it leaves many wondering what is truly real, and what is truly fantasy.



The premise of IXIA VALLEY is simple - to challenge the perception of humans and the world around them. Offering up what one depicts as reality and fantasy, somewhere the two must meld into one, eventually forming an "in-between" where the two mesh and form a fantastic and real world. It's not that people don't want to remember things exactly as they see them, it's just that they prefer to remember them in a way that isn't the accurate or real form - it's fantastical. And for the record, isn't reality is overrated anyways?



Feel the Force




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Your recent coasters seem extremely similar to one another. Maybe stay away from B&M and Intamin coasters for a bit, and try to use your talent on other types of coasters. You have a capability, so why not try something new?

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Your recent coasters seem extremely similar to one another. Maybe stay away from B&M and Intamin coasters for a bit, and try to use your talent on other types of coasters. You have a capability, so why not try something new?


The attraction will be unlike any other seen before, yet very similar to many attractions before it. It's creation is derived from it's past, having eight so-called attractions arrive before it that have, essentially, created it.


I understand why you say this because it's 100% true. My whole premise when doing the "Creation Phase" was to have the same ride be created in various forms. Remember how UNDERTAKER began with a steep lift? Many of the other rides prior to this one have had lifts steeper than normal. Remember how La Gargouille featured a zero-g roll prior to its lift? This ride will feature the same thing. Remember how THE SWARM had a twisting first drop? Again, this ride will feature a similar element.


As I was planning on a revealing at a later date, you've essentially got the whole idea of this phase down. I wanted to take a ride and have it slowly morph through different forms (different track, different designers, different colors, different themes, etc.) until it ultimately came to create this ride, arriving at the final attraction. Almost every element found within this ride you can link back to another ride I've done in the past, having my future ride on my previous projects.


Don't get me wrong here, I can see how it can become dull and repetitive as time goes on, but this is my favorite ride that I have ever done, and I really hope that it's something everyone can enjoy. While you may find it my most generic design, I see it as my most courageous design, as I've finally hit the breaking point for something big. I'm taking all of my previous rides and amplifying them, taking them "to the nines."



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(A Force is coming to our planet)


The future of our existence relies on our past, forcing us to return to our history to discover our fate.


We must revisit our memories, our work, our relationships, and ourselves in order to realize what’s to come. We must re-live all of our most joyous occasions, all of our worst encounters, and every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, and every year. We must overcome the obstacles that prevent us from performing to our best abilities, and rely on instinct and human nature to look towards our destiny. We must look not to others, but to ourselves to come to terms with the future of our race.


With unknown abilities and characteristics, this Force has come to Earth in search of something that cannot be defined. It searches high and low, hiding in untraceable locations, as well as discretely sitting in broad daylight. We can see it with the naked eye, yet show no realization within ourselves as to what the Force is able and willing to do.


Something is coming...


Can you Feel the Force?





Feel the Force


Coming to our world as the main attraction at IXIA VALLEY, N9NE will be the centerpiece of the landscape, resting directly in the middle of the park. Thrilling it's riders with a unique winged-seating configuration, seven inversions, and a never-before-seen twisting inverted first drop, Feeling the Force will be unlike anything our planet has ever experienced.


Reaching speeds of over 65mph and dropping over 150ft., N9NE holds the record for the most number of inversions on a wing coaster, as well as the largest trains. Each train features nine cars, having a maximum rider capacity of 36 riders per train. Ever notice what 3+6 equals? Exactly - N9NE.


IXIA VALLEY will be releasing more details on the attraction as well as an on-ride POV at a later date, but for now, anticipate to Feel the Force much sooner than you would expect. The force itself is everywhere, and you never know where it can be hiding...






Notice that it was my 333rd post? 3+3+3=9...


This attraction, to me, is the ultimate completion of the Creation Phase. It's derived from the past, having all previous eight projects be able to be traced throughout this ride, as well as having it be named after my favorite (and lucky!) number.


The idea for this ride came to me back when I was finishing VauTour, and I wanted to do it as my next project, but I knew that to set it up right, I had to have it be my 9th attraction (hence the name N9NE). I wanted a gigantic wing coaster that had a central idea based on the past guiding the future, and I think I gave a solid interpretation of my idea. The whole ride experience from start to end is the longest coaster I have ever done (well, maybe La Gargouille is, but I can't remember), and it is, in my opinion, my greatest work. It's not the most inventive, the most daring, or the most extreme, but it is one thing - believable.


The number nine has such a profound influence on my life that I knew one day I had to name a ride after it. My birthday is 4/9/95, and if you add the four and the five together, you get three 9's in a row. Three squared is 9. My parents birthday's, 2/7 and 6/3, also add up to the number 9. I got the idea for this ride 9 months before it was released, the number 9 can be found through elements in the ride itself, and it's evident that N9NE is a creation of my own combination of fantasy and reality.


I like to tell everyone that statement, that I tend to exist "halfway between reality and fantasy," and with this ride, I have found it to be something of utmost importance - the truth.


Perception, as one says, is the way that someone views the world. At IXIA VALLEY, the world is viewed in an entirely other way, offering park-goers the chance to step out of their normal views of the world and look at them from another perspective. Where fantasy and reality meet is where N9NE exists, creating the perfect blend between fantasy and reality.


"There must have been moments even that afternoon when N9NE tumbled short of my dreams - not through it's own fault, but because of the colossal vitality of my illusion..."



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Feel the Force



Well, there it is! N9NE is finally out in all it's glory, and I cannot believe that I'm actually done with it. I know that someday I'll come back and return to the idea of N9NE, but for now, it's a closed book.


When I first started on this ride I knew that it was going to be one of my most "generic" designs. I wanted something that pushed the envelope, but still had a sense of realism and restriction to it. I followed a very normal ride pattern through the inversions and elements found throughout the ride, but I also tried to mix it up a little here and there. As I've said before, every single part of this wing coaster can be found in other rides that I've done throughout the Creation Phase, having N9NE become the final piece to the ever-growing puzzle. The whole ride as a whole is a reflection back onto all 8 rides before this one, having the future (and present) ride on the past.


I really hope that this ride is something that you can enjoy. I'm extremely proud of it, albeit the horrible foliage, and cannot believe how influenced I was by my favorite (and lucky!) number. The number 9 itself means so much to who I am, and creating a ride named after is just incredible to my creative mind. I'm always scheming, always processing new ideas that I get, but this one was always the most prominent. And now, it's here! Enjoy the videos, browse through the pictures, and take away from this ride feeling the force that I've created over the past year...


But let me be the first to tell you that there's a lot more where that came from! Phase II is well underway, as I already have 8 out of the 9 rides started, named, and developed. Within the next few weeks and throughout August, I'm hoping to release two or three of the attractions from Phase II, and I know that some of these designs are my best yet. While some say that my design style is becoming repetitive and dull, some of these will definitely alter that idea, and I can't wait for you all to delve into my DNA a little more...oops, I've already given away too much!


Until then,




















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Your layouts are godly <3


That really looks nice! It's definitely different and unique. Excellent work!


Oh, and that reminds me, sorry for not every getting back to our collab like three months ago, haha. I don't know what happened, it just totally slipped my mind. PM me if you want to continue it.

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You're on the right track, baby. Very nicely done. Usually I don't buy all the hype for real life or imaginary coasters, but you did an excellent job on the coaster as well as the campaign. Great job. Peace.


Thank you! I wasn't intentionally trying to hype this ride up in any way, but I guess I did do some. I actually just wanted to give more of a look inside the park, which on plan on continuing, and developing the story around the ride a little more. Hope you're as happy as I am on how it turned out!


Your layouts are godly <3


That really looks nice! It's definitely different and unique. Excellent work!


Oh, and that reminds me, sorry for not every getting back to our collab like three months ago, haha. I don't know what happened, it just totally slipped my mind. PM me if you want to continue it.


Well that's quite the compliment! I've never thought of anything I've done as "godly" persay, but I do like to think of myself as a boundary-pusher. I really want to take the normal and twist it a little, taking average ideas and rides and pushing them to their limits. Thanks for appreciating N9NE as much as I do!


I really like the coaster! You've taken some great elements from Wingriders and added your own personal theatricality to them. The overall ride was impressive (except for when I got whacked by that tree on the lift ). Looking forward to your next project!


You know, I've always been looking for something to describe what I do, and I think you've got it with one word - theatricality. I really do take elements found in real-life rides and push them a little more to suit my creative (or crazy) ideas. Thanks for the comment, and I'm really sorry about that darn tree! Some of the trees magically rotate when you open the game each time, so that was one of them that I didn't catch before I started filming. It's a minor problem that is a huge problem to me since I strive for perfection. Thanks again!



Now, for the past few days I've been debating as to whether I want to reveal some of my next project and begin Phase II. I'm reluctant and a little scared to do it since I've just wrapped up N9NE, a project that has been with me for almost a year. I don't want to jump into something that's not as important to me as this ride was, and I want to let N9NE have it's time to be released. However, I'm so excited at the same time to start showing bits of what's coming in Phase II! I can't stop thinking about everything that's been sitting on my computer for months, one of which was started back when I started N9NE! It's all very "revolutionary" in a sense, as I'm beginning to delve deeper into my brain and analyze myself in different ways...


So, in order for you all to help in my decision, I've created a poll at the top of the thread. It will be open for three days, ending Tuesday evening, so be sure to pick "Yes" or "No" in order to have your input in what you think I should do. Although I already know the answer everyone is going to pick, I just was unsure as to whether it would be too soon...



Can't wait to show you all what's coming next!



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