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Height: 139 feet

Drop: 93 feet

Length: 2394 feet

Speed: 53 mph


Inversions: 4

- Dive Loop: 77 feet

- Zero-G-Roll: 68 feet

- Immelman: 50 feet

- Heartline Roll: 40 feet


Top of Drop: 104 feet

MCBR: 3 (108 feet, 67 feet, 40 feet)



I made this a while ago, but recently fixed a few of the supports. I use a Mac, so I can't use Newton or flange my supports. I'm going to be sending my track to someone soon to flange it, so I will upload it once that happens. In the meantime, here's a video and a few pictures.


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Welcome to TPR.


Please don't double-post. If you wish to add photos to your thread EDIT YOUR POST. THere is a button on your post marked EDIT. You'll save a lot of time, frustration and errors by doing that...


Not to mention, keeping your Moderators here happy and content.





(BTW: Interesting idea for the Eurofighter like that...)

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Yeah. I'm really bad at naming things. I made a ride similar to this years ago, and I named it Rust (that one actually had a rust color). But it was terrible. I remade it once more, and it was still terrible. I liked the name Rust, and it was enough like the original Rust, so I kept it with this.


But thanks for liking it.

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So why cant you flange your supports? All it takes is creating a small section of a tube size bigger. Thats how we all did it before someone made a tool to do it. Quite frankly the tools tend to over-produce the flanges anyways.


Looks good up till last section, then it seems to lose any inspiration.

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Usually, I have my supports auto-flanged and adjust what has been done to be more fitting to the ride, like fixing when a 20 foot single support has two flanges on it. I find that to be easier than doing everything by hand, so if I can get someone to help me out, which I did, I use the auto-flanging. If I had to, I would do it all by hand, but I don't have to.

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Downloaded and rode.


Very nice. I like that it's pre-lift is something new and unique instead of going immediately down the drop. Pretty well paced and the design is well thought out. I like the supports for the pre-lift area, it would be scary as hell to ride that in real life.


The only constructive criticism I have is the ending. With the 2nd set of block brakes, it didn't seem as thrilling as the first two sections were. I increased the block brake speed, and that fixed it and still kept it in acceptable limits and made it a top 10, IMO. Peace!

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2 out of 5 stars on the Game Exchange? Really?


I didn't rate it, I'll go do that now. I give it 5 stars overall.


EDIT: It's now 3 out of 5 stars, I gave you 5. Regardless of the feedback I gave, I feel it is a great design. It's definitely a 4 star or better coaster IMO. That's the thing about ratings, it's an average of what folks think. And you know the story about opinions, right? Don't take it to personally. I hate it when folks down thumb my models on YouTube (which doesn't happen that often). Chin up.

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