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Screamin' Adventures [RCT2]

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After the park made it through 1955, they have been booming ever since and have developed into a nice, small park. However, park management noticed a lack of some types of rides, so they decided to take action immediately. The new rides they added were unannounced, as they just immediately began construction without notice. The rides the park built were built to fill two major ride gaps the park had, water ride and family coaster. The problem has been solved. In this update, you will see the park with its two new rides, and more in this awesome new park update!

Soul Mountain changes.BMP

How about we start with some minor changes? Well, after the name change to Soul Mountain, they decided that some new colors would be better. The old orange and black sign is now purple and black. Also, the exit path walls are now purple and black. Also, you can see that the skull has a cool new flame effect.

Screamin Emporium-Windows-Towers.BMP

Phase II of the Screamin' Emporium expansion is now done. They finished all of the roofing, added windows, and for the heck of it, added two new black and yellow striped towers.

Forest Splashdown.BMP

Well, here is the first of the two unexpected rides, the Forest Splashdown. This is a brand new Shoot-the-Chute. It features an awesome double dip element.

Already an onlooker!.BMP

Yay, the ride has an onlooker already!

The Junior Dips.BMP

I think everyone should like this addition, the Junior Dips! The Junior Dips is an amazing out-n-back kiddie coaster at a height of 45 feet, going 36 mph through A LOTTA airtime hills!

Park Overview.BMP

Here is an overhead shot of the park, sporting its new kiddie woodie and the Shoot-the-Chute.

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^^Yeah, colored wooden coasters like that do exist, but normally they are in smaller areas. Taking up as much space as Scooby Doo.


Also, throw in some terrain changes. Flatlands are kind of dull, unless you have a lot (and I mean about 80% more) going on in your park.


With the double dip, maybe you can do it like the other ones, where it doesn't have that weird turn at the end, or at least theme it to where it does something other than turn at a high speed of 4mph.

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The biggest problem i'm having at the moment is the landscape (I include foliage in this as well). Build the terrain first and then build the park. Even parks like Cedar Point, which are predominantly flat have some terrain changes. And with the foliage, don't just add trees to make it look pretty. Put some shrubs and flowers in there to make it seem more real. They're a part of the park too. I'm going to agree about the coloured wooden coasters, but they're much more compact than that. Don't just have some hills, a 180* turn and some more hills. Look at pictures of real life coasters and watch some POVs. And that 2nd dip on the Splash Boats should be made steep-slope.

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Okay! Wow, has it been a great time ever since we have added the Junior Dips and Forest Splashdown! Screamer has been having its issues, but that isn't important right now. Remember that plot of land? Well, parts have arrived. In this next photo update, the park has some patched up minor updates, plus the first construction in that plot of land!!!!!!

Forest Splashdown-Waterfall.BMP

Time to start with the minor things. The park gave the Forest Splashdown a cool waterfall feature.

Forest Splashdown-Thickened Paths.BMP

Also, the park expanded the paths due to congestion.

Jr. Dips-BrakeExit.BMP

The Junior Dips got some entrance fencing and a brake house.


Screamer got some new supports.

Screamer-Missing Drop.BMP

The drop was taken out for replacement after some reports of a rough drop.

Screamer-Recovered Drop.BMP

There is the new drop.


Say what? Coaster parts arrived!

Station Built.BMP

Now the station is built.

Park Overview-Update 6.BMP

Here is the obligatory sky shot.

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And my inner critic begins...


Okay so first of, get rid of that waterfall thing. Its unrealistic. It just randomly pops out of nowhere and it just stops without the ground getting wet. Change it now. Get some REAL support for those roofs, which you need to vary. Make the waterfall land in a pond or man made pool. Anything will make it look better.

I think I have said this once, but do not let a coaster touch the ground. Its unrealistic and it looks bad. Raise the two coasters and you already have by just five feet and it will look way better then it does now.

My last thing is foliage. Improve it. Look at real pictures of forests because yours looks like you did it in about five minutes. Vary the trees. Add some height variation. Add bushes, flowers ect.. Just make it look like a forest.


Okay I'm done. Just doing these will make your park look a lot better.

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Btw, everyone, I just added the waterfalls just for fun. I wanted for most (if not all) of my rides to have a nice, unique little creative queue, so that is the thought process behind that. I, personally, like it, but it may be removed.


Here is an update for a new project I have been working on. It is an ice/snow themed park known as Tundra Adventures. This park is my first experience using custom rides. Well, here goes nothing. This park, by the way, isn't really anything serious. I am making something else that will take more effort and time.


Well, as seen in the preview thread, here is the entrance to the park.

1-Info Kiosk, First Aid, Dippin Dots, Souvenirs, ICEE.BMP

Here is the entrance plaza, featuring two information kiosks, a first aid room, Dippin' Dots stand, ICEE Stall, and a Souvenir Cart.


The park's resident Intamin, Icicle.

1-Tundra Rink Co.-Skidaddle Dodgems.BMP

Here is the Tundra Rink Co. and the Ski-daddle Dodgems flat rides.

1-Snowman Spin-a-Round.BMP

Here is the Snowman Spin-a-Round flat ride.

1-Vending Machines.BMP

Here are the soda machines and the cookies & cola machines along with the restrooms.

1-Park Overview.BMP

Here is the park from the helicopter. Soon, the park is getting their own helipad and its own helicopter, but the question is, When?

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Well, both parks have been making progress on their NEW COASTERS. Did I just say new coaster for Tundra Adventures???????? Yeah, that is right, baby! Tundra Adventures has been given a new coaster. This ride is a pretty standard ride, you'll have seen it before at another park, but it is a truly amazing ride. Also, some tragic at Screamin' Adventures. A ride has officially shut down. Here is the official statement from a park rep:


Well, in a move that may shock many of you. We have decided to close down an early park attraction that has been with the park for a bit of time. The Ultimate Slide will close after careful consideration and decreased popularity. We hope that you will be excited for the next attraction, which will remained unannounced for now.


The representative also talked about the new coaster being built:


First, we are going to give you a chance to look at the track and send in your name suggestions. If we like a suggestion, it may just be used as the ride name.


The representatives last topic was the Screamer issues:


Yes, I know Screamer has been having some down-time. We are taking care of the problem, doing excessive testing and replacing track pieces. Screamer should be ready soon, but we aren't going to make any promises yet.


Anyways, here is the update you have all been waiting for, from both parks.

Forest Splashdown-Waterfall Removed.BMP

Here is a minor bit, the waterfalls have been removed after guests complained of getting wet, which doesn't make sense, because they were standing in line for a water ride...

Ultimate Slide-Closed.BMP

WOW! There is the shocking closure of the Ultimate Slide.

Ultimate Slide-Flowers-Sign Removed.BMP

The Flowers and Sign are gone.

Ultimate Slide-Removed.BMP

No more remnants of the old ride remain.

Enterprise in.BMP

The new ride has been placed IN! It is an Enterprise. No word on the name yet, that is to be announced.

Wild Mouse-Track Done.BMP

The ride is done, but, when will it open?

Wild Mouse-Station Begins.BMP

Now some ...odd... construction on this ride.

Park Overview 7.BMP

Here is the skyview of the park.

2-Storm Chasers.BMP

Now onto Tundra Adventures. Here is a new ride, Storm Chasers.


Here is the NEW coaster. On the left is Frostbite and on the right is Freezer. Right now, work is starting on the station and support structure.

2-Park Overview.BMP

Here is the park skyview.

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@RCTriofan-I won't get rid of it due to how new it is. The main reason I removed the Ultimate Slide was due to decreased popularity and I wanted something "fresh" there. If I feel that the enterprise needs to be replaced, then I will do so.


A new era of the park has begun. The park has begun to add different rides and have different themes than the other rides. It is different than we thought, and I am sure all of you are wondering where this will go. Also, there was a huge announcement from Screamin' Adventures about a new rehab plan. Here is the announcement:


We are creating something new which will be known as the Big Rehab Plan. This is a queue for rides that may need to go under a rehab and they will go under the rehab for a period of time up to one year. We have only a couple of rides in the queue. The plan isn't scheduled to begin soon. We are going to have some of the rides age up a bit or are ready for some cool new effect.


Anyways, here is the update all of you wanted.

Soul Mnt.-Queue.BMP

Time to start with a minor bit, the Soul Mountain queue line has been changed from the red fencing to the purple fencing that has been rumored.

Ring Of Fire-Open.BMP

Well, the ride has been painted, paved to, and given an ...odd... effect. I don't understand it, but you know, the park does what the park wants.

Blue Squeak-Backside.BMP

Screamin' Adventures HAS chosen a name for the new coaster. Any guesses?

Blue Squeak-Station Done.BMP

Well, there is the name, Blue Squeak. The park thanks all of the other participants in the contest.

Blue Squeak-Open.BMP

Now the ride is officially open.

Screamer Open.BMP

Say what?

1961 Park Overview.BMP

Here is the skyview.

3-Alpine Bobs.BMP

Now onto Tundra Adventures. Tundra Adventures added a new flat known as the Alpine Bobs.

3-Freezer-New Supports.BMP

Also, the racing coaster has gotten some support work. Here is the Freezer side.

3-Frostbite-New Supports.BMP

Here is the Frostbite side of the supports.

3-Park Overview.BMP

Here is the skyview.

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Both parks are successful, mid-size parks that are doing a lot with not too much. The new woodie at Tundra Adventures got some more work on its station and Screamer at Screamin' Adventures is getting routine maintenance. Now, onto the Big Rehab Plan. Screamin' Adventures has decided to add two rides to the Big Rehab Plan queue, Screamer and Blue Squeak. The reason Blue Squeak is in the queue is because the park thought they might be able to liven up the ride and add more effects and add some more cool little tidbits. Screamer is on for obvious reasons. More rides are supposed to be added.


The parks haven't really done much, but an accident did occur at Screamin' Adventures. Check out this photo update to see the tragic accident.

Screamin' Emporium-Restrooms.BMP

I am going to start with something pretty minor that was older news, but we lost the photo. So, here are the, at the time, new restrooms at the Screamin' Emporium.

Blue Squeak-Flowers.BMP

The Blue Squeak got some flowers at the station.

Main Street Scream Machine-Rethemed.BMP

Remember the Ring of Fire? Well, the guests complained of becoming too hot and sweating too much. So, the park removed the flames and rethemed the whole ride as it is now. the Main Street Scream Machine.

Bath House-Fire!.BMP


Bath House-Aftermath.BMP

There are the last shards of the bath house.

Bath House-No Buildings.BMP

Now the inner buildings were removed.

Bath House-Gone.BMP

There it is. The bath house is now officially demolished.

Bath House-Rebuilt.BMP

There is the bath house, now rebuilt.

1962 Park Overview.BMP

There is the park overview.

4-The Ice Cream Parlour.BMP

Now onto Tundra Adventures. The park added a new food stand, the Ice Cream Parlour.

4-Frostbite Station Work.BMP

The Frostbite side of the track has gotten more station work.

4-Park Overview.BMP

There is the skyview.

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Hey guys. It has been a LONG time hasn't it? Well, I have no new photos, but I have some possibly heartbreaking news, parts of Screamer are covered in a huge wooden structure. The parts covered include the airtime hills before the brake run, the brake run, the turn into the brake run, and the station. They have taken out the signs, flowers, and queue for the ride and all that remains is a maintenance passageway for mechanics and other personnel. Many are expecting the worst. Also, the wooden structure has signs advertising other rides and places in the park and the ride has been walled off. The park manager is ready to discuss the matter soon.


Also, on a more positive note, a new shop has opened. It is the Screamin' Food Court. This is new and is known for its balcony where you can relax and admire the breathtaking forest. Or, you can admire some of the awesome rides.


Well, lets hope the best for Screamer and we should all be wondering what will happen to the old classic.

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I know, and I wonder if the fire effects took down the bathhouse? I hope the following isn't too harsh.


I hope that Screamer doesn't get taken down but I feel like what this park needs is better names for rides (no offense) and themed areas. Like for Tundra Adventures, maybe add a Eskimo-esque village or a complete renovation of the park. No offense, I feel that Tundra Adventures is lacking the same atmosphere and realistic-ness of Screamin' Adventures does. (By the way what is with the Adventures in the names? Is it a chain?) I mean, it has unrealistic scenery and the water color of the enterance area is really unrealistic. How is it not frozen over? And landscaping, at least add a small 2x2 hill or something. Again, I hope this wasn't too harsh. I really like Screamin' Adventures but I just think Tundra is a little over the top.

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Yeah, we are The Adventure Company, specializing in Adventure parks.


Tundra Adventures is just a little experiment, I did not try to go way too serious with it, and I am most likely dropping the project. The Screamin' things, they make sense with the park and a Main Street Feel to the name (In my opinion), same with the others. I am going to give some shocking news about Screamer...


It is no longer going to be an out n back.

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