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TPR Day at Busch Gardens Williamsburg!

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I thought this topic disappeared forever!


Well I have a Pre-TPR Day Report. This was my first time driving to Williamsburg all by my lonesome. Originally my sister was going to go with me, but she couldn't get off from work for it. I left Pittsburgh a bit later than I wanted to, but at least I got to eat breakfast with my family before I went. I left at noon and despite getting loss two times I checked in to Country Inn & Suites at 9:30. It's amazingly difficult to drive from Pittsburgh to Williamsburg. Google maps was even confused and it offered no good way to go. I managed to figure out a decent route where I went on the PA Turnpike from Monroeville to Breezewood. I went on I-70 to Winchester where I got on 17 East. Basically, I just wanted to stay on 17 the entire way because it goes straight to Yorktown (a hop, skip, and a jump from Williamsburg), but changes hands with Route 66 and that's where I messed up. I did get back on via Route 15, but it got really dark going into Yorktown and after making the right turn after the bridge that goes over the York River the road I was on veered off from the Colonial Parkway which is where I wanted to go, but ended up going 238 which took me 20 minutes away from my hotel. Check-in was interesting too because for some reason either Priceline or the hotel booked me under another name (different first name, but same last name), but luckily I printed out the confirmation page and brought it with me, so that was nothing but a minor inconvenience. Well after getting my luggage in I wanted to get something to eat and since I am an Outback Steakhouse employee I thought I would go to the Outback on 60 north west of Williamsburg, but unfortunately I couldn't find it because I got lost again! 60 turns into Route 5 and then into 143. I gave up and just grabbed McDonalds. Williamsburg is so confusing, especially at night.


Anyway, I'm hoping for a really fun day tomorrow and I should be able to find the park since it's literally right down the road.


I -64 east can be absolutely miserable on a summer friday. 64 is often worse than 95 in the summer from my experience. Tourist traffic is pouring into Eastern VA right now...along with TPRers and the 1.7 million that live in the Norfolk metro area nobody ever knows exists..(larger than Jacksonville, FL, Buffalo, NY). Yorktown waterfront right near the beach at the Coleman Br (York River Br.) and the colonial parkway are beautiful. Did you get to see any of it at all?

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