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Getting to Heide and Hansa Parks

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Looking at doing a cheap weekend away to Hamburg and I just want to know is it easy to get from Hamburg to these two parks.


I have had a look on the german train website and it seems you have to change a few times and catch buses to get to both parks.


To get to Heide Park on the website it says saomething about a direct bus but I can't speak german so its a bit of a struggle to read. I think it says you need to catch the bus from the bus station in Hamburg called Zob, is this right? If yes do you need to book or can you just turn up?



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Yes, the bus station is called ZOB! You can go by bus or train. I think it is much faster, when you catch the train at the ZOB! However, if you need detailed informations, feel free to write me a PM. I am not from Hamburg, but we have the same system here in Bremen (1h to Hamburg), too! I think I can translate a few things for you!

Here is a good website from Hamburg, about the ZOB system: Hamburg ZOB



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I wouldn`t take the bus or the train, because both parks are in an opposite direction of Hamburg. Each about 100 KM ( 1-way). Traveling by car cost not so mutch time and you can start direct at the airport.

If you want to go by bus or train, you have first take a bus and a train to the centralstation of Hamburg. Only here starts the train to Hansapark and next to the centralstation is the ZOB ( central bus station ) for the bus to Heidepark.

If you need help, feel free to send me an email.

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