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Going to Universal Studios Island Of Adventure

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^I've only stayed at one hotel on site, and that's the Royal Pacific Hotel. Honestly unless you are looking to be in your room for any sort of extended period this is more than adequate. The interiors are quite nice as is the service and the hotel is a short walk to CityWalk and both parks (IoA is obviously the closer of the two). And as for pricing it is the cheapest which is always a good thing. The only complaint I have about it is the lack of free internet which I am unsure of whether or not this is common amongst the three hotels or not. I thoroughly enjoyed the two times I stayed at The Royal Pacific and DEFINITELY enjoyed the added perk of unlimited Express Pass. That alone is worth the added cost of staying onsite. If you can afford to do so I would seriously suggest doing so. Your vacation will be so much more fun and enjoyable not having to wait in any huge lines. This allows you to do things like ride Men In Black 70 times in four days But seriously, if it is in your budget, stay on site.

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My biggest question is where to stay. From what it seems, staying on-site at Universal gives the great benefit of unlimited express pass, and that is worth a fortune. But what hotel should I stay at? Any advice?


We just stayed onsite at the Royal Pacific last week as it was the cheapest hotel. We really enjoyed the hotel and the perk of the express pass for the rides. Also note they offer a AAA discount there! Something else that was well worth the price of staying on property was the hour early entry to Harry Potter before the parks open. This allowed us to check out the land and ride several times and really just enjoy the land before the masses arrived.


^^ Have fun on your trip and definetly get the cold butterbeer if you can!

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IOA is a great park, have a great time. And to review, don't miss any of the big rides and the water rides are all great but very wet. Single rider lines are your friend...and don't tell the whole world about it. It's amazing how much quicker these lines can get you on the rides. The one for Doom is in the arcade to the right of the ride, that door swings in enter with caution. Seriously people push right through that door coming opposite of you. Dr. Doom Is pretty fun, DO NOT HOLD ON. It also helps to eat at different times from everyone else and start at the back of the park.

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Hope you guys have a fun day. With school groups in the park it is normally busy. Don't spend all day deciding what to do and it is better to ride alone than not at all. Spidey, Dr Doom and Potter should all have single rider lines today, you should consider it if the park is crowded. You Louisiana folks should be right at home here in this heat, man it's hot.

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