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Diet Coke fizzes past Pepsi


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I have never noticed the difference between any competing soda brands. In fact, it took me years to even really recognize soda flavors at all!


I do like the common Powerade flavors more than the typical Gatorade ones, though, so that's a win for Coke.


And while I'm a total mark for Mexican Coke and find it a bit refreshing, I've never actually compared it to normal Coke to see if it's really better or just an overhyped gimmick.

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I prefer Coke products over Pepsi also, EXCEPT when it comes to Mountain Dew, because Mountain Dew is like the God of all carbonated beverages, every flavor of it is like drinking heaven out of a bottle, well maybe not that extreme but you get my drift!

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I feel bad as Mtn Dew is by FAR my favorite soda, and its made by pepsi.




Anyway - diet coke tastes different in different countries:


France - just about drinkable

Germany - nasty


uk - good

america - same as uk



Have to say my fave atm is pepsi max!

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