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Losing a "beer" belly :-)


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Just want some input on this..


I have never gotten to ride wicked twister at cedar point.. I have wanted to ride this ride since they put it in.. What should my goal weight be.. If it helps any i did fit the BBS on the rides in orlando but just barely.. I also fit manta.. In other news 5 pounds gone.

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Just a quick update :


I ran a 5k this past weekend.. My finish time was 48.28. My next 5k is going to be on december 4th and will probably post an update at that time.


My big update now is just to tell you how much weight I have lost.


Starting weight : 340 Weight now : 307


Does anyone here know the measurements that cedar point reccomends to fit there rides : IE: Waist size thigh size that sort of thing?

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Just to help give you an idea with CP, I weird 260 lbs and I'm 6 foot even. I don't think anyone larger than me could possibly fit on MF or TTD...the belts were extremely tight and requried a large amount of effort to buckle. Any of the Intamin OTSRs (Volcano, Wicked Twister, Drop Zone, etc) are extremely tight on me and I usually need help from the op to get the buckled. I believe you are a little taller than me though so I hope you are close! Congrats on the progress man!!

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Keep working at it man! I'm not too old, but in my very early years (10-16) I weighed upwards of 205 pounds when I was just about 5'8", and after getting enough s**t from people at school, I decided to change my ways. Lost 55 pounds & am at 6'2", and 150 pounds. It takes a lot of work, but trust me, it all pays off and you'll be a LOT healthier than you were before, as long as you're losing the weight in a healthy way. Good luck!

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just to give an update to this thread.. my progress kinda stalled in the spring.. i have started really pushing it this summer and am now at 290 exactly.. My trip to cedar point is in about three weeks.. hope to give you guys some updates.. I don't care at this point if i can't ride MF & TTD.. i just want to ride my raptor again.. If i can fit that i am going to be a happy camper.. Has anyone been there since windseeker opened?? how are the seats on that one?

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