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Bay Area Bash photo TR attempt-complete

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Ok, fist attempt at a trip report, forgive my mis-steps should they occur.


This was my first TPR bus trip, didn't know what to expect, but it turned out awesome. I tried to edit this down as much as possible, just because I know that there are quit a few people who will do trip reports and I'm sure they have duplicate pictures that are much better than the ones I took on my cell phone.


OK here goes.


Cousin Dan drove just in case we missed the bus, we could catch them when they stopped for food.


Dan is powerd by nicotine, notice the can of tobacco in the previous photo.


I made this gps icon of Dan's Capris just for this trip.


This man is on a mission for new credits.


A lot of the drive looked like this. This is where we stopped for food, McDonald's is behind me in this shot.


An epic battle between good and evil, we all know which team is evil.


I was hoping for the Giant dipper and Robb came through.


The only thing that could pull me away from the Dipper was this, and lots of it.


Robb constanly prowling for updates.


Official manly pose.


Two people enjoying the wine from the open bar. I know her, but can't identify the mystery wine drinker.


Thumbs up from some blurry guy getting more wine.


Back on the bus i saw some strange things.


These people are completely sober, completely.


Many strange things, how did a jonas brother get on here?


Ok, that was it from SCBB. I will see what i have from the other days, hope you like. Thanks.

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^Thanks for the vote of confidence, prepare to be disappointed.


Ok, so here's day two, SFDK and The Oakland Zoo. By the way, I didn't see one animal at the Oakland Zoo, except a very long tiger. Anyway, I'd never been to SFDK so I was really excited to get on some new coasters and check the place out for a possible future family visit with the wife and kids. I almost blew off the zoo, but would have missed one of the best parts of the trip, besides the park was getting a little crowded and I thought it just as well to get out of there for awhile.


Enough of that, lets get to some crumby pictures from a 2 mega cell phone camera.



Party bus bingo pancake face provided by IHOP.


I spotted Tony Hawk from the bus, now how exactly am i supposed to hold onto a cup of water while riding this?


Riding in on the tram. A beautiful ballet of twisted metal, or as i like to call it, a bunch of credits.


Private dolphin show, not dolphins showing their privates, thats another show which i don't want to see.


Whale says "So, your telling me i get a card, a lanyard, park discounts and a pen?"


Shamu, my tail fin shamu, this is Shoukas house.


They warn you to watch out, or this tiger may spray you with lovely tiger pee cologne.


Yes its a boomerang, no it doesn't totally suck.


A new meaning to banana on a stick, aren't they usually covered in chocolate.


Elephants agree, if your not wearing one of these shirts, your lame.


If the elephant wants to eat the monkey chow, whos gonna stop her.


Must consume mass quantities of meat.


Confirmed-Elissa does in fact skin her hotdogs. The only question i have is what happens to the skins, is there a pair of hotdog skin boots somewhere?


This guy wouldn't leave me alone until i took a picture with him. I started thinking about the king of the hill dolphin episode and thought if all he wants is a picture then maybe im lucky.


Hard to believe this guy is one of the seven deadly sins, he didn't seem evil to me.


When penguins attack, he bit her and then she had to wrestle him to the ground. The penguin almost won.


Time for the side trip to the Oakland Zoo. These people are going to get on a bus, drive to a zoo, and do something they should be ashamed of.


C and H pure cane sugar, from the bay area, growing in the fog....


Oakland Zoo, but we sure ain't here for the elephants.


See, Robb fits just right.


This was just wrong, this image is burned into my memory, now it's burned into yours too. Your welcome.


When maynaise attacks, I needed this for party bus bingo. Elissa eventually managed to stick it down his shirt.


Roar is just as awesome as it looks.


Are you V2 or are you just happy to see me?


You can ride coasters and feed dolphins, what more do you need?


Obligatory nerd shot.


A random blackout, not sure what happened, maybe it got wet somehow.


Ok, thats all i got of this day. I am assuming everyone has looked over Robbs' report and understands all the subtle things i left out, but if you have any questions ask. Thanks for looking.

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^"Horrible report by the way, keep up the great work! "


Your original remark was correct, wait i still have more crumby pictures with bad captions to come. Some pictures with you in them, wonder what the captions will be. Thanks for looking, at least someone did.

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Awesome trip report! I'm looking forward to more crummy pictures and bad captions!


BTW I think you captured the best manly pose picture we've ever taken.


And yes, we were sober. Completely sober.

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OK, got the rest of the pictures together. More crap than Robb could fit into a bag. Which, by the way, the bag of crap I got for party bus bingo was pretty awesome. Not to mention the coaster parts, did anyone mention the screws we got from roar after the tony hawk water challenge. If you don't have a screw, your lame, no other way to put it.


So, last day was CGA, never been there, probably wouldn't go back just for coasters, but they did have a pretty nice selection of flat rides and kid stuff. Also what looked to be a decent water park. Grizzly is not bad, its not terminator, but it's got decent speed, a good layout and didn't beat the hell out of me the way Ghostrider did the day before the bash. There is a two story carousel for you carousel enthusiasts, or is it a merry-go-round, I only saw horses so i'll say carousel, but I saw other animals on the backstage tour, so maybe merry-go-round, yes I know you don't care. It's a nice park and I plan to come back with the family in tow.


The early ERT was on vortex and flight deck. Vortex was cool, but one ride was enough, over the shoulder restraints beat you up a little. Flight Deck was awesome, maybe the best coaster of the whole trip, just slightly edging out the tiger coaster at the zoo. Food was ok, but they only had chicken and so did the other two days, so another option, even hotdog's, would have been nice. Q and A was ok, a little too formal, but the backstage tour made up for that and then some. I can honestly say that even though on paper it seemed like a short day, there was plenty of time to get everything in and still explore and take pictures.


ok, so now for the worst pictures yet. Well really I have more pictures, but as I said before, everyone else has the same shots and I got beat to the punch on some. Don't want to bore you with the same shots you've already seen. So, instead I tried to keep it to pictures that I didn't think others had or maybe I had a different angle on. And, or course, bad captions, they are funnier with beer (or wine for you winos out there). Ok, here's the last of what I got, or at least all I'm gonna give you. Thanks for looking.morning.jpg.0bb1dd5ac7106f1177e6e8c2faebce4e.jpg

Waiting, look at all the cargo pants/shorts.


Flight Deck is now open. You can tell it's early because some of the trash cans are still sleeping.


Youngsters in the front row get a thumbs up.


I liked this ride, kinda like a dragon boat without the sphincter clenching part. Why is he looking at his crotch?


This man eats drop towers for breakfast. Can you say "no fear"?


He was kind enough to escort these frightened souls and show them how a real man gets down, or goes up and then gets down, something like that.


Random nerd shot.


There's a demon in the bushes.


It appears this guy is doing the macarena on Grizzly. I don't understand kids these days.


Awwww, how cute, he's got his arm around her. I can just barely make out what hes saying - "baaaby shark do do do....."


The fat man finds the quickest way to the food.


It's ashamed so many parks have taken these rides out.


I spy Snoopy pirate adventure. Its like a tilt-a-whirl and a scrambler got it on and this is their unholy offspring.


Exclusive charlie brown bottle time.


The only thing that stopped me from eating all of these was brain freeze.


If you look closely you'll notice that Robb's a$$ is made by nintendo. Its rumored he sh*ts flaming barrels, or maybe thats just after buffalo wild wings.


Anyone else find this sexy?


Two tons max, yes this ride is ready for coaster enthusiasts.


Stone henge? It's hard to take a picture that doesn't have a trash can in it.


A missed credit, don't worry my sweet, we will be together one day.




I guess they don't have enough trash cans.


This wheel was rejected for being bad and boring. Sounds like a bad episode of dancing with the stars.


Well, i found the whizzer, but i was looking for the sh*tter.


The new environmentally friendly padding doesn't look very comfortable.


One must always beware the infamous intamin cable that hides in the brush of amusment parks, waiting to snap!


"so, your telling me i get a card, a lanyard, theme park discounts and a pen?"


Random coaster porn.


Giant stick bug?


As close as you can get and still be safe.


You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here. (sadness)


The tpr code?


Ok, thats it, not many pictures, not much substance, no funny talking geese, but it's all i got. Forgive me if i stole anyones captions, and shame on you if any of these captions are yours, they are terrible. Thanks R and E for a great time, hope to do it again sometime, keep those trips commin'. All you party bus people were great, even the ones who farted on the bus. And with that i will say good day.

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Forgive me if i stole anyones captions, and shame on you if any of these captions are yours, they are terrible.

Hahaha. Very funny, not true though! I really enjoyed your TR!

Also I agree that it is a huge shame that so many parks took out their chairlifts! I think they really add alot to a parks atmosphere. Same goes for quality non-shooting dark rides and monorails! I really miss alot about older parks in general really. Not digging the new crazes. Anywho...

Also I really dug the pictures of Flight Deck with the jet-trails in the sky. Very cool and fitting to the theme of the ride! Thanks for putting this up!

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^Agreed i was really sad to hear that the monrail at sfmm wasn't ever going to run again. It was pretty cool to ride the eagles flight, its been a long time since i rode one of these over an amusement park. It's one of those rides you take for granted until its gone.


Thanks for looking, i appreciate the feedback.

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