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Why Do I Get Sick On...

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Sorry if this has been posted anywhere, but I was just wondering why I get sick and feel queasy after regular-old swinging ships, but I have absolutely no problem with Claws, Freak Outs, Kamikazes/Hawks, Inverters, or S&S Screaming Swings.


Any ideas?

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I think you get sick on swinging ships because they move slower. For example, my friend cant ride swinging ships either, but he can ride Frisbees because he can barely tell we are swinging because you cant really see the swinging motion unless you specifically look for it. Swinging ships make me sick after a while because I can see myself swinging, and because you swing slowly your brain is fully aware whats happening.

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Okay, here's my theory:


The movements of the swinging ship is just the same as you were riding a real ship on choppy water. The term for this type of sickness is called "Sea Sickness". When you are out at sea and you begin to get sea sick, the best thing to do is to sit down and turn your vision towards the distant horizon until the feeling is gone. Since you cannot do that on the swinging ship, my suggestion is to close your eyes and take normal breaths until the feeling goes away.


But do not stop riding swinging ships. Just as sailors get used to being out at sea, you can also get used to the swinging ships if you ride them enough times.


Just remember: whenever you begin to feel sick on any ride, just close your eyes and take normal breaths.


"And whatever you do, DON'T THROW UP ON ME!!!"

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That may be close to it, but I know myself I can do any ship, and a lot of the flats, but the rides where you are spinning, and the ride itself is spinning a different direction cause me problems (like tilt-a-whirls).


Although I rode the breakdance at Freestyle and didn't have a problem.


I can though sometimes get a touch of motion sickness on the flyers at Carowinds at the end of the cycle.

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There is no logical explanation. It just depends on how your brain is wired, and how it handles the information received by your inner ear and optic nerve.


I can ride any kind of spinny ride all day long, but any type of motion simulator makes me horribly nauseous and headachey. Sometimes I get seasick, but sometimes I don't. Swinging ships are ok, though. I can't read in a moving vehicle, and, just this morning, I got nauseous from using my laptop while it was perched on pillow.

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