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School Project Help - Fluid Power

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Alright so in my POE class (Principles of Engineering) in high school we have a project on Fluid power/Pneumatics. I'm aware that the Hydraulics used on the Intamin Rocket coasters would be a perfect selection, so if you know anything, or work on an Intamin Rocket, can explain to me 4 components of the hydraulics used on the ride and how they're examples on Fluid Power?


The help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks again.


EDIT: I just realized the flywheel launches on the Schwarzy shuttles are as well, so, rewording what I initially asked, If you work on a ride with a launch system that utilizes Fluid Power/Hydraulics/Pnuematics, I would appreciate the help!

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I did a presentation in my public speaking class on roller coasters. I know you probably won't be able to cite this, as Wiki isn't a valid source of info in most teachers' eyes, but perhaps you can get some ideas from this link (note: scroll down to Fluid Pressure).




Here's another link:





Also, have you tried asking Intamin themselves? Maybe if you explain what you have to to, they'd be more than happy to give you some technical info on how it works. I'm not 100% sure they will, but it's worth trying, as they worst they can say is no.

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I checked the wiki page, and it is just a bit vague with the hydraulics. And I haven't considered actually emailing them, I might try that. I'm also afraid that if I request a diagram, they will say "no" because that's disclosed information, they're in competition with other companies, etc. Just my thought.

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The principle is pretty simple. You first pump liquid from a reservoir into a piston filled with (nitrogen) gas. This builds up potential energy.

Now, you close of the tube coming from the reservoir and open another that leads into a turbine and back into the reservoir.

Because of the energy stored in the compressed gas, the piston will push the liquid through the turbine and back into the reservoir.

While the liquid passes though the turbine, it will rotate, and the drum and cables attatched to that turbine will make the train accerate.


There was this wonderfull article at pointbuzz at one time, but it's gone now. I've upped a picture I used a while back for a presentation:


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Hi, there is a german side, called "Coasters and More", which often have some explanations in the "RideInsights" section. Some articles are in english, too. I don´t find this article in english, but maybe it´s only, because of the IE-Region-Settings.


In my opinion, you can find there a really good animation at the following link (you have to scroll down):

Coasters and More - XCelerator

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