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Disneyland in the rain

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Hey everyone! I was just wondering what Disneyland in CA is like when it rains. I've heard that the park isn't very crowded at all. But what attractions close in the rain? Do the fireworks still go on at night? And if you've been in the rain before, how was your trip compared to a visit on a sunny day? The reason being, I'll be visiting the park on Tuesday, and the forecast says "few showers."


EDIT: This is the forecast I'm following.


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Alright. Thanks for the fast reply, and I'll make sure to plan ahead for crowds!


Also: Would you happen to know which rides close in the rain? And if the fireworks still go on? That would really help in planning my trip accordingly.

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Tom Sawyer's Island, Alice In Wonderland, Gadget's Go Coaster will usually close. Depending on how heavy the rain is other stuff might go down.


Fireworks won't necessarily be canceled for just light rain, but if it is rainy and windy (or very heavy rain) they will be.

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I went about 2 weeks ago when we had that crazy rain. Alice in wonderland was closed, Winnie the Pooh, and the Tea Cups too. If you are planning on going over to DCA too I would only expect a few of the attractions in the Bug's Life area to be closed. Also along with Fireworks being cancelled, rain can affect the parades as well.

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