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Coney Island Sunday 6/28

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Hey everyone. A few of my friends and I are going up to Coney Island to ride the Cyclone tomorrow. None of us have ridden it and we all really would like to experience the classic coaster. I understand that most, or all of the other rides are not there anymore, so I was wondering if you had any advice for our day trip.


What else is there to do in the area? How much should I plan on spending. How safe is the area during the day? Any general advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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The area is safe. I've ridden the N and Q trains after midnight on the way back into Manhattan and it was still safe.


Take in the famous Cyclone a few times. Experience the back seat. Experience the ever comfortable third to last seat. Rerides are cheaper than deciding to come back. (And you get your choice of seating)


Go over to Deno's and ride the Wonder Wheel. If you're after credits, Deno's has a kiddie coaster.


Go stuff your face with some Nathan's hot dogs.


You'll have decent weather tomorrow to just walk around and check it all out. It's somewhere to explore.

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So we went to Coney Island today and had a great time.


After paying $10 to park, we stopped at Nathan's for some food. The food was great but a little expensive. I guess you are paying for the name there so I was fine with that.


We then walked towards Cyclone and stopped at a very small side show type attraction with animal oddities and what not. We did it for the experience but it wasn't anything special.


Cyclone was next on the agenda. I first rode it in the second to last row. I LOVE this ride. There was a surprising amount of airtime and little to no jackhammering in the 2nd to last row. My one friend rode in the last row for the first ride and said it was very painful. For our reride I rode in the 3rd to last row and my two friends rode in the last two rows. The 3rd to last row was as good as the second to last and gave a lot of great airtime. The ride was impressively comfortable and smooth for it's age and history. I really enjoyed it.


We all had a good laugh watching the operation of Cyclone. The entire work force there was very...interesting. Safety definately was not their top priority.


We then walked over to Deno's and rode Spook-arama and the Wonder Wheel. Spook-arama left a bit to be desired. The Wonder Wheel was very unique and enjoyable. Do any of you know why this concept didn't catch on at other parks?


After Deno's we walked on the boardwalk for a little while and then headed home. We had a great time and I appreciate the tips you had for me. Definately a nice place to check out if you have never been.

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