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Hersheypark Mid-July Crowds


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I have one more question. How does the Hershey preview plan work. This is when you go to the park the night before for free before the day you get the tickets for.

Do you buy the tickets the night before and just go into the park from there, or do you need to get the tickets in advance in order to participate in the preview plan?

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You go to the park and purchase the tickets for the next day, and then you are allowed to go into the park for a few hours for the preview. You do not have to get the tickets before going to the park. Just go the night you want to preview and get the tickets.


July crowds can be bad to horrendous. I wish you luck. You should be able to get everything that you want to get done though. It is just hell to walk through some of the narrow parts of the park in the summer.

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I went last year in mid-July on a midweek day and the crowds were bearable. I did all the coasters I wanted to execpt Roller Soaker, which pretty much always has an unreasonably long wait because of its bad capicaty. I used the single rider line for Farenheight, so I have no idea how long the wait really would be for that.


From what I saw and waited, Stormrunner was about 20 min. in the late afternoon and over an hour in the morning, Great Bear pretty much was always 45 min to an hour, Lightning Racer was always less then 25 min, Wildcat was less then 20 min., Superdooperlooper was about 5-15 min and Comet was about 30-50 min until mid evening when it was 20-25 min


Make sure to check the concert schedule to plan accordingly though...if there's somthing going on at the adjacent Giant Center the same day, I've heard that the park can get pretty busy.

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