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Dreamland Ballroom Documentary

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Hi all CLP fans


if any one has any footage or pictures of the Dreamland Ballroom please let me know


I want to make a Documentary on it to provide funds to help the park

My name is Mike

I have been doing multi media for 4 years its fun


I want to help the park rebuild this but it might not happen


I need videos of the Dreamland Ballroom & photos thanks for the help

Mike Petruzzi CLP goer since 1986


So far I got two people to help with this project for the Ballroom

I need more video footage very soon so I can start I want to have it done by opening day


I am hoping to sell it at the Beach Club the Hotel Conneaut the Camper Land gift shop the Park Gift shop more details to come soon


I need a lot of help with this project!

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^Mike, it sounds like you've got good intentions but I find your post somewhat unclear. I'm not sure how your video is news about the hotel, or the park for that matter.


In regards to the creation of video for sale, I'm sure the question will come up--will all of the profits go to Conneaut Lake or will some be retained? Also, have you been given the proper permissions (if there are any needed) to utilize archived footage for potentially profitable distribution? Looking at this with a limited knowledge of Conneaut Lake, I am curious if management (or the current owners) know of your intentions and if so, have given you their blessing or approval.


The website as well as your above post don't offer up much information, and what we were given is difficult to read. I'm sure that you have good intentions, but from what I can tell (from what you have shared with us here and on your website), there isn't much of a base to build on yet. I support pro-park endeavors, but I have to wonder how much work has gone into the research and planning stages of this project.


I hope you don't take my statements the wrong way, but I am commenting purely on what information you have given us. If and when you can share some more information, I'm sure this project will gain some speed.

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Sorry about my friends post. I offered my help on the project and he told me his plans for it. First of Yes all of the profits will go to CLP. The plans are for the story of the Dreamland Ballroom from Construction to the Febuary 1st fire.


He is working on getting permissions from the proper persons such as the Board and several others. Several Documentarys have been made on the Park and this documentary will just showcase all of the dances and events that were held in the Dreamland Ballroom and share the stories from the Fisher Hotel (The old park jail) and other historical aspects from the ballroom. I think this will help bring some more attention to the park and could help with future projects.



Dreamland Ballroom just after opening.

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There's a few Conneaut Lake Park resources to be had. These from the Roller Coaster Media Library website:


[bOOK 72] LEE O. BUSH & RICHARD F. HERSHEY: CONNEAUT LAKE PARK THE FIRST 100 YEARS. [1992] (22x28cm – 176 Pages – Many B&W photos). This publication celebrates and documents Conneaut Lake Park’s First 100 Years. See and read about the Wild Mouse, the elusive Blue Streak coaster, the Three Way Figure 8 Toboggan, the Scenic Railway and of the many other rides and attractions at this holiday destination. Selected Chapter Points: A Century Spanned; Rails and Sails; Games People Played; On with the Show; Taken for a Ride…


[bOOK 221] MICHAEL E. COSTELLO: CONNEAUT LAKE PARK. [2005] (16x23cm – 128 Pages - Many B&W photos). In 1877 a humble boat landing was constructed on Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania’s largest natural lake. Colonel Frank Mantor, a visionary, discovered and purchased the property. In 1892, Exposition Park – a permanent fair exhibiting machines and livestock – was founded. Amusement rides were added alongside hotels, cottages, restaurants and other businesses. The resort grew into an amusement park and was renamed Conneaut Lake Park in 1920. Featuring many long-gone attractions including the Wild Mouse, Blue Streak, Tumble Bug, the Devil’s Den and more…


[DVD 40] GREETINGS FROM CONNEAUT LAKE PARK. [DVD-R / 2002 / 45 MINS] If you’ve ever been to this quaintly familiar amusement resort, tucked deep in the hills of western Pennsylvania, you know that it’s a place like no other. This delightful documentary captures the Conneaut Lake Park experience and, at the same time, spark a few old memories. ANDY SHINE SAYS: A homemade documentary film detailing the turbulent history of the park. SHINE RATING: Fair / Good.


Read you all soon






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