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  1. I am so glad the Blue Streak is getting fixed hope to ride it soon
  2. it would be nice to ride this season this is good news for the Blue Streak
  3. Hi all CLP fans if any one has any footage or pictures of the Dreamland Ballroom please let me know I want to make a Documentary on it to provide funds to help the park My name is Mike I have been doing multi media for 4 years its fun I want to help the park rebuild this but it might not happen I need videos of the Dreamland Ballroom & photos thanks for the help Mike Petruzzi CLP goer since 1986 So far I got two people to help with this project for the Ballroom I need more video footage very soon so I can start I want to have it done by opening day I am hoping to sell it at the Beach Club the Hotel Conneaut the Camper Land gift shop the Park Gift shop more details to come soon I need a lot of help with this project!
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