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Unbound-Intamin Prefab (No Limits)

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Just a project that I thought I would share, its an Intamin Prefab woodie. It is named after an Avenged Sevenfold song, Unbound (The Wild Ride). I have been playing No Limits for a while now so I thought it was time to show some of my progress.


Length: 5,940

Height: 168 feet

Drop: 158 feet

Speed: 67 mph

Features: 3 90 degree turns.

3 trains 7 cars each. Silver Gold and Black



Comments/Criticism GREATLY appreciated



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Wow I kinda enjoyed that!

The Good:

1.Very Awsome layout

2.Nice speed all the way

3.Awsome 90 degree turns

The Bad:

1.Lift wasn't streight

2.Friction wheels on a wooden coasters is a no no...

3.Some bad transitions.

I really liked it! Just smooth out some bumps here and there and it would be a great ride! Keep it up!

My Verdict: 7/10

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^^ Intamin prefabs tend to have more in common with steel coasters than woodies, this includes the presence of friction wheels, cable lifts, polyurethane wheels, etc.


Now on to my rating:


I give this a 5/10.


Now before you all go ballistic and start crying "underrate!", let me give you my reasons for this.



-Nice original layout.

-Plenty of airtime!



-Track is ridiculously pumpy!

-Lift hill is not straight!

-The train collides with itself on at least one occasion.

-Banking is off.

-Intamin prefabs do not have a steel support structure! (as far as I'm aware)


Other comments:


-If your going to build an accurate Intamin prefab, I suggest you at least use the AHG to heartline it, since real prefabs are heartlined, and it will fix that banking issue I mentioned.


Overall, a great concept, it's just the trackwork that's the problem. Try to improve that in the future.

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