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Spooky World at Canobie Lake Park PTR

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After a long day hanging out in Nashua, NH I made my way to Salem and to Canobie lake Park for Spooky World. I got to the park very early and they wasn’t open yet so I Drove down to Spirit Halloween and to a party store to see what they had for props. I then returned to the park at 4:40. You’re welcomed at the front gate by a hearse which has been done up with a Canobie/spooky World wrapping. Looks great and can be seen from the gate as soon as you enter. Gave out a few discount Coupons I got at Market Basket and entered at 4:45. The park wasn’t open till 5 and that included the rides. I used the opportunity to check out the park


The park really didn’t do much as far as Halloween themeing. I found that a bit disappointing. I hope this changes for later trips and if a Halloween event returns next season. There were a few things around that were fun to look at and a few small graveyards. There were 3 nice displays by the trellis (a bride and groom) and the Lemonade stand (farmer and wife) and a zombie at the Cantina. There were also large Spider webs by the cannonball with large spiders and wrapped up bodies.


The rides operating for the event were: Ferris wheel, Frisbee, Pirata, Corkscrew, Canobie 500, Twist and Shout, Rowdy Rooster, Wipe out, Carousel, Dodgems, Zero Gravity, Crazy cups, Yankee Cannonball, Star blaster, Skater, Davinci’s Dream. The park also had Kiddie land 1 open except for Pony Carts. The train and Mine of lost souls were part of the Halloween event.



My rides:

Canonball: 2, Frisbee: 1, Train: 1, Mine of Lost Souls: 1 (first ride), Wipe out: 1, Davinci’s Dream: 1, Skater: 1, Pirata: 1, Star blaster: 1, Rowdy Roosters: 1 (last ride of night)


My first ride of the night was the Mine of Lost Souls which was listed as part of the Halloween event. The ride is virtually the same with a few small additions. A Coffin in the crypt, projected head on the cliff was in the main room. There were a couple other small things placed here and there but nothing amazing. In front of the ride there were heads and 1 skull on stakes that sung songs.


I checked out the silver Scream Horror Museum which was well pathetic. The Museum I had gone through years ago when I did spooky world back in the 90’s had props from the movies and mock ups of characters. This one was basically a few resin wax museums like figures of Horror movies icons. It’s really nothing to get excited about. It should have been set up in one of the closed shop, Dancing Bear or Flume unload area, basically in the south end Canobie village to ad another attraction.

The Spooky Express is the Halloween version of the Canobie express. This was by far the most disappointing part of the trip. The spooky scenes were not scenes at all. Basically there were a bunch of Plywood cut outs painted to ghosts, monsters, and pumpkins light up by orange and green lights were there wasn’t a light to light it by.



I talked to a hand full of people the Manager of the Photo booth. If anyone had heard the news about him being her you might be happy to hear he is doing better but still recovering. Talked to Anthony Birney one of the park owners, he’s looking forward to seeing how the event turns out. Al, Freddy Free mail, from Canobie fan was operating the wipe out. I also talked to a couple nice ladies that were running a new Halloween gift stand at the Sky ride.


The park only had a few eateries open. Trellis, Lemonade stand, Poncho cantina, Be Bop, Popcorn stand, and the international food station. There was also a few stands open and a tent by Star Blaster selling steamed hot dogs and candied/caramel apples. The park had many of the arcades and games opened as well.


I spent a good amount of time getting pictures of the performers around the park and checking out the haunted houses. In all I got 3 runs though on the Libratory in 3D, 2 runs through The Crypt, and 1 run through the Monster Mansion. All the haunts had reasonably good fronts and first rooms. There was also a magic show pulled a good crowd but it was nothing special



Laboratory in 3D – This was my favorite attraction. I got 3 trips through because the crypt exited right next to the entrance to it. So I walked over to it and went through. The set walls are custom not off the shelf. The 3D effect is fantastic and there was a great selection of animatronics. In fact out of all of the Spooky World attractions it has the best animatronics in this house.



The Crypt – Was in my mind the scariest of the 3 houses, with a quick moving line. The themeing was ok with the open roof taking away from the effect. This house had a fare amount of performers and they did their best to make you jump. This house also has a couple good animatronics.



Monster Mansion – IS the best themed of the 3 haunts. While it had the highest number of actors it also had the longest line. At least it was all within the dance hall building. This was the longest of the 3 haunts with some good optical effects. Thing in the attraction sort of ended with no real climatic scene. Worse of all like the crypt the ride exits into the back with nothing telling you were to go. I did mention it to the park though so it will hopefully be fixed.


The main midway had a tree monster stalker which looked great and the exit of the event there was a red eyed stilt walker. The park also had a number of walk around characters. These characters made the event for me. They did spend some time scaring people. The majority of the time though they served as mascots for the event. Interacting with guests and posing for pictures. They all did an amazing job.


Over all I had a good time. The park could have done more with the Halloween themes though they had a good amount of Harvest festival style landscaping and sets. The haunts were on the short side but in all a solid Haunted attraction. There were a few small things but I think those will be cleaned up as the event goes on. Not to mention it’s great to have another month of Canobie before the end of the season. Anyone wishing to go can find Discount Tickets at Market Basket Supermarkets and Mc Donalds. The McD’s off exit 3 in Salem has the discount coupons. With limited eateries open you might want to eat before hand and grab your coupons at the same time.

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^^ OMG I guess Jacks not the pumpkin king anymore


Anyway good TR but I think you should fix the picture size. They look too big.


No the the US stepped in and created a Democracy. He's only a Mayer now.


Ya some of the pics are really big. I just didn't like the smaller size. thanks for your suggestions.

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Wow, this is Spooky World's 4th location afer being moved so many times. I've been to the first 3 locations and was never dissapointed. Thanks for sharing the photos, and making me miss my New England home... ::sob::


I'm glad you enjoyed it. I plan another trip or so so there will be more pics later.

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So, would you reccomend this incarnation of Spooky World. The BF loved Spooky World in the past and wants to go to it at Canobie, I am just not that convinced in order to take the 2 hour drive up there.


This is not the Original Sagus Spooky Wold. I never made it to the Faxborough version. i did find the attraction over all better at Canobie then it was at the Bayside Expo Center. The 3 Haunts are pretty good and it's always a bonus to get a few park rides in. Only a few rides are not operating so there is plenty to do. many of the games are operating as well. Especially for the price.


If you travel 2 hours go to the McDonald's off exit 3. They have the Discount coupons to get in for $19.99. you'll need one coupon per ticket.


Also if you are traveling 2 hours and are looking for a bigger experience there are a few Haunts near by. North there is Haunted acres about 45 minutes away. and Nightmare New England which is a million dollar haunt with 4 attractions. It's only about 30 minutes north.

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How scary would you say these attractions are? Are they on par with Six Flags Fright Fest attractions or more intense? I'm wondering if a 9 year old would be too frightened.


The 3D house is only mildly frighting. the haunts are dark and they have a fair fright factor. The Crypt and the Mansion are the scarier houses. I would say at or above SF Fright Fest. The park sels Monster Medallions for $5 Bucks. when performer sees one they will back off or drop the fright aspect of the character. i saw many of the Walk around charters simply interacting with guests and not trying to frighten people. So I'd say you're set. Plenty of rides for him to ride as well.

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