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Photo TR: Canobie Lake Park 8/25/08

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Here are some pictures from my venture out to Canobie Lake last week...

The view from across our parking space. Can't get much better then this!

The nice Semi-new entrance to the park. Much better then castle theme they used to have.

Even though Star Blaster is 60 feet, it still kicks Scream's @$$.

We took a spin on the somewhat Alpine themed Sky Ride.

daVinci's Dream as seen from the Sky Ride.

Skater a Disco type ride, which we did not get on that day do to lines.

Caterpillar, a fairly pointless ride, but always worth one ride.

Kiddie Bumper cars. Much nicer location then bigger ones.

Time to whore it up!

This is what it looks like if you are Jeff Johnson...

My first ever Roller Coaster.



We gave Boston Tea Party a run, but only one cause it was kind of cold...

Something doesn't feel right...

Corkscrew didn't have much of a line so we gave it one ride.

Its definitely too rough to ride it more then once though.

The Canobie Express. A classic, so we had to ride once.

The Log Flume was really fun to ride. Epecially now with its new water cannons!

Now on to the main attraction!

Still very smooth. Also full of airtime!

For all the coaster geeks out there...

Weird close up shot.

I will leave you know with a picture of Cannonball goodness


Hope you enjoyed!

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Heh, I think I saw you. Were you in the second to last row taking onride pics on Cannonball at all? I saw someone see me taking pics and got their camera out.


Also, how did you like Frisbee? I thought it was really amazing, took 6 rides on it.


Here are some of my pics from that day: Canobie Lake 8/26/08

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I never took any on-ride pictures on Cannonball that day. But I did sit in the last car two times that day, so you might have saw me. Too bad I didn't know you were there, we could have met up.

I rode Frisbee once and it was definitely very fun. I had to ride it alone though because my friend who I went with wasn't into big rides. I really enjoyed it though.

BTW nice pictures.


EDIT: Sorry I got the date wrong, I ment to say the 25th...


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