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Somewhere in the mining company of Knotts Berry Farm, something mysterious blew over the nightfall. The mine cars ran by themselves, the shafts emptied, and only screams of guest were heard. Cars ran over and over like a curse was upon on the tracks. Myserteries unfolded day after day but then vanished. We're going back into the mining shafts! We're gonna find out what happened here. But on the journey we must face this. It must be a the ghostrider.


please comment[:

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Here's some photographs we found inside a camera that was founded next to the mining caves. The cars just keep running on their own. The miners keep disappearing, but the screams are still heard. Just a day closer to seeing what wrath the Ghostrider has.


A Logo Type Thing^


Cars just run by themselves^


And Going^


Please Comment[:

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new pictures were uncovered and when looking at them closley, we found lights were on the uphill shaft. We're not for certain if it was work of the ghost rider but i think someone is giving us a welcome, not in a good way. Just a day closer to going to the mining company and see what really is happening in there.


The cars fall out of the station right before uphill shaft 1


As you can see unlike in the past photos this one has lights that seem like a welcome to the mining area, but is it a good sign?


Another view


As you can see its just a whole big mess of track

-please comment[:-

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