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HELP!!! RCT 2/ compuer question-solved

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I am working on a park called Worlds of Adventure and have taken quite a few screen shots but cannot find them when I try to post. Does aqnyone know where they might be?


First person to tell me where gets a sneak peek. DBru if you are reading this so do you as well as thrill ride seeker as you guys were the ones who wanted Sapphire Gardens to open. The file did not convert to m laptop but this park is very much like Sapphire. Teller if yo are reading I sm using the RCT pairs blank map so I hope thats ok

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Try to go to [My Computer/C:/Program Files/Infograms Interactive/RCT2


They should just be listed there.


But I'm running Windows XP, so it may be different for me...


(Can't wait for the sneak peek! )

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lol. I meant colorado escape. I dont even know why I said Diamond Gardens as that was an old park. I had to un install RCT2 but now that I re installed it screenshots work so I have to save CE on my disk. Also upside down You get an exclusive first look at Worlds of Adventure so i will send you update later.

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