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NoLimits Record Breaking Contest

So, which one is your favorite???  

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  1. 1. So, which one is your favorite???

    • Douze by Loefet
    • Loose Control by Théo the little french
    • AfterShoCk by DBru
    • F5 by Scaparri
    • VEfluffy, fluffy bunnyITY by Bfluffy, fluffy bunnyKEDSITE99

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Hey guys, I've been trying to upload my track since last night but there seems to be a problem with the server. Given these circumstances, can we possibly extend the deadline if the server still isn't working by tonight?


Yes, 100%. I couldn't even look at TPR until now. So all tracks who wanna be in the poll have untill Tuesday sometime after 4 PM. That should give enough time to see if there are still any issues on the site.

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^Thanks! Glad you liked it!


I had such a hard time deciding between Loose Control and F5, but I had to go with F5. It was a really fun ride, and that huge airtime got me.


Thanks as well! That's one of the things I was going for. I wanted a combo of cool turns and hills that produce massive amounts of airtime. I spent a good deal of time just tweaking the hills to make sure the airtime wasn't too weak or too strong (red).


I must say, I think it's really awesome how practically everybody went for more obscure or interesting records. I actually hated that I went for the records I did, because it just seems so typical in a contest of this nature. I initially planned to do something else, but I got a vision in my head and just went for it, and F5 is what became of it. So yeah, I tip my hat to all of you for taking the road less traveled. *Yeah, that little paragraph probably sounds corny or stupid, but I just thought it was cool*


With all that said, I had a really hard time deciding. All the entries are really great tracks. However, I went with Loose Control. I just thought it was a really cool take on that style of coaster and has a well crafted, fun layout. It's obvious that a lot of time was spent on the transitions, as well as support work.

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Well, well, well... It was very hard to chose!


-Loefet's ride: to my view this is the most realistic and the smoothest ride in this contest, I really loved it.


-Scaparri's ride: Surely the funniest in the contest: I really loved the "pretzel like" element it was incredible!


-coasterguy99's ride: I loved the concept, but there are too much repetitions in your layout.


-Dbru's ride: far away better than the first version, but it's not enough to make a good concurrence in front of the other rides!



So..... it was very, very difficult to chose between Douze and F5! As I said Douze is very realistic and smooth, but not as funny as F5 which needs more smoothness.....

My vote is finally for F5, it's the first Scaparri's NL track I see and it was very astonishing. Loefet, I hope you won't be disappointed!

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