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Imageshack or Flickr?


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Hi! I am so sick of having to upload one picture at a time here on TPR, and I've heard that through Imageshack you can upload a lot of pictures at once. I was wondering if you can upload large amounts of pictures through Flickr, and if you can, which is better between Imageshack and Flickr? I was looking into making an account on one of them, so before I do, why not get some input from the TPR crew? Thanks!


If there is a difference between Imageshack and Flickr, what is it? I am so behind the times, so any help at all would be greatly appriciated!

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As much of a "pain" as uploading to TPR is, it is really the best solution. Using outside hosts such as Imageshack and Flickr does not guarantee your photos will be hosted years down the road. Every few months, we go through the Photo TR's posted on the site to move them into the archive, I've come across literally dozens of TR's where all the photos are dead because they were hosted on Flickr, Photobucket, or Imageshack. Obviously we don't move these. Think of the frustration a TPR member must feel if they find a Photo TR they want to read and all the photos are missing.


That being said, I do use Flickr for my own personal photo hosting. Imageshack is more of a solution if you want to host small files temporarily. Flickr does make it quite easy to upload large amounts of photos simply.

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I'm not sure how Imageshack works, but with Flikr you're going to need to pay for an account.


The free account only lets you post like 200 or so pictures. Well, you can upload as many as you want, but only the most recent 200 are available to view.


I've used Flikr for a few months now and I really like it. I used it to replace the image hosting I was doing on my personal website, and have no complaints on the switch to Flikr.

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Another issue you may want to consider. I (as well as a lot of others) block 3rd-party images. If the images aren't on this site, I don't see them unless I KNOW they're from a trusted source.


Why do people do this?

-blocks ANNOYINGLY massively huge avatars and sig graphics, almost always hosted on 3rd-party sites such as imageshack.

-When on a web site, I truly believe the only site that should get the credit for my visit is the site I'm visiting, and to avoid the unfair ratings systems in place by Google and Alexa.

-Blocks annoying advertisements on sites (cough screamscape cough)

-and much, much more...


I'm such a nerd.

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