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Cedar Point / Geauga Lake questions

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Another Airport that you might want to consider (if you are considering as far away as Dayton) is Pittsburgh "PIT".


I have always been able to get cheap flights to LAX from PIT and I figure it probably works well the other way also. It is probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 hours from Cedar Point with Geauga falling in the middle.


The only problem with flying into PIT would be the temptation of Kennywood, Waldameer, and Conneaut.

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You can only not get into GL if you have a CP pass, and you can't get into CP if you have GL pass. Any other CF pass gets you into all the gates, and the add on is $26. I think that 2 days would be plenty to tackle everything at CP, especially with the early entry. If you go straight to MF in the morning, you will get one of the worst lines out of the way. Also, get to Maggie early for ridiculous walk ons. That coaster takes a while to get a line going. As for the rest of the park - if you plan on getting on all the coasters, I recommend a TTD and Mantis Freeway stamp. There is no question that you could do the whole park in a day if you keep at a steady pace. Just expect long lines in the middle of the day. As for GL - definitely stop if you have the chance. It's a nice park for only $24.95. It's amazing that it is a ghost town YET again this year. Also, they have a newly added onto (and moved) waterpark. I have been to GL already a handful of times and am yet to wait in ANY line. Every ride I have boarded was a walk-on. If you have any questions about the Ohio parks and would like some help, go ahead and PM me as I am at both quite a bit and may be of some help. Enjoy your stay in Ohio!

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Good decision, Nemmy. If you didn't already know, go to the Soak City parking lot, and get in the entrance by Magnum. Note: I recommend buying your tickets at BE. You get a discount on the tickets, and it'll save time at the gates.

P.S. I see you still have Grizz in your TT avatar.


1. I'm bookmarking this page because of that tip, and the fact that I won't remember it. I hope that no admin deletes this.

2. Yeah, Gregory made my avatar for me a long time ago. I'm a staffer at DisneyInformer, but there aren't any updates anymore.

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Too bad Im only going to CP and GL, not any other CF property xD. So is the admission to GL $25 or is that just the add on to the season pass thing? Also, I was just considering buying a 2-day pass, cuz this is probabbly going to be my only visit this year. Next year, however, I plan on doing a Pennsylvania road trip (Kennywood, DP, HP, are there anymore parks there I can hit?) , so I'll get the CF season pass at DP, then go to the Ohio properties later if time permits...

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Admission to GL... $24.95

GL add-on ... $26

If you want to go for multiple days to GL, you might as well get the add-on. OR you can buy a combo pass at CP to get Soak City and GL is included in the cost of that! That way you can go to CP, SC and GL!

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