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Screamin' in the Smokies Coaster Trips Report!

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General Plan before the trip... here it is!


Here are the plan!


July 24-

We are taking off from my house to Bowling Green, KY! We will arrive at Bowling Green in the afternoon around 3ish. I will arrive to Beech Bend around 4ish. And meet with the Public Relation for the videoshooting of Kentucky Rumbler and other roller coasters as well. I'm looking forward to this!


July 25-26

We will take off from Bowling Green, KY to Pigeon Force, TN (Home of Dollywood) We will get in Dollywood in the afternoon and go check it out! We will check in the hotel before heading to Dollywood. Of course, Mystery Mine is the first coasters/rides on the list at Dollywood! And then head back to the hotels after the park closed. We will head back to Dollywood next day! We are going with the deal that Dollywood has that you come in after 3:00 at full prices and come back next day free! Pretty cool deal!


July 27-29

The family and I will be spending a couple of days at the cottage in Gatlinburg. I'm looking forward to this. This won't stop the Trip Report! I will still give trip report about it! There are Ripley's believe it or not in Gatlinburg! 5 different attraction! How about that!? Pretty cool! I can't wait!


July 29

Today we are visitng the extended family of mom's so that is the day in Franklin, NC. Not much of trip report then. LOL! I will prob work on the updates if time permitted. After the visit, we will head out to Asheville, NC to stay over night and head to Charolette, NC for Carowinds!


July 30-31

After waking up and leaving Asheville, we are up for 2-3 hours drive to Charolette, NC and arrived at Carowinds! We will spend the day there and check in at the hotel and then spend another day at Carowinds and then sleep for the night and get enough rest for another 4-5 hours drive.


August 1

Ghost Town in the Sky @ Maggie Valley, NC. It just reopened this year! This will be a short trip, basically in and out! Then drive up to Newport, TN for overnight since there is a lot of Motels and hicks in the area. Not cool! So we are heading to small city for the night!


August 2

A day drive to Louisville, KY and checking out the kennels for the next day! This is a "off" day so there might be a possibility for an update then!


August 3

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom - I will not go to the Superman: Power of Steel tower since I want to save my feet! I will hang out there throughout the day. Then head back to the hotel and get ready for an hour drive to Holiday World next day!


August 4

We are going to be facing the busiest day of the year at Holiday World! We really didn't have a choices since Kennels are open only on the weekend after June 18th or something like that. But I will have the opportunity to ride on the 4 roller coasters which will be enough! I hope to ride all roller coasters at least twice!


August 5 and beyond

Heading back home and keep an eye on the official updates! Videos as well!

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I know it has been a while due to lack of update. I am finally going to reveal my trip all of you. Yay!


DAY 1: July 24th, 2007 | Beech Bend Park!


My family (Mom, Yanya & Popo (Yellow Labadors), and me) was planning a vacation and I suggest park hopping! Our dogs, we call them "The girls" is Kennel Hopper! Mom is people-watching enthusiastic! And last of all, I'm the roller coasters freak!


Anyway... We took off around 9 AM and drove good 6 hours to Beech Bend Park. We check in and didn't realized that the time is one hour different. Oops so we went to Shoney and ate "Linner" (Combo of Lunch and Dinner). Then drop my mom and the girls off at the hotel since my first park hopping was going to be a short one and no kennels. Beech Bend had a deal where you only have to pay $12 dollars after 4 PM so that is what I did! I will let the picture tell you the rest! But I have to introduce you the girls!


*I want to apologize for taking some bad pictures but the picture taking got better as I hop more parks. Stay tune for the whole trip!


Last one, I promise... Good Night Kentucky Rumbler!


One more Kentucky Rumbler....


Back on Looping Star! Here is me before going looping!


Another fly-by shot!


Well folks! I have my favorite wooden coaster at this point! It is now tied with The Voyage!




Ahh...The sky has no limit!


Hey everyone! Yep This is me!


Back to Kentucky Rumbler!


Here is a rodent in action!


Curve baby!


This is when you know you're definite in Kentucky! :-)


Erected Lift Hill! This is for Lift hill fans!


Here is your porn, Elissa! A hot orange Mouse! Ouch baby!


Time to get wild! 'Elissa style!"


Here is another side of Looping star... Yay


Another shot of it...


Chung... Chung... Chung... I think I can... I think ... I think ... I can!!!


Dragon... Old school style but it is a credit!


Look at their face. That is how I respond at the end and I jump like crazy after I went on it!


Here is an overview of Looping Star!


Painful but fun!




Slight overview of Beech Bend Park... something like that. *TAKEN WITH PERMISSION




Kentucky Rumbler!


I see something! Wait! It's KENTUCKY RUMBLER! ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!


Yanya (1 year old) sleeping on top of Popo (3 year old) while on the road.

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Final Week is over with and I'm on break so I can relax more... anyway


DAY 2: July 25th, 2007 | Pigeon Forge, TN (Part 1)


Supposedly we were supposed to go to Dollywood going with the special they have which you can buy the tickets after 4 PM and hang out there and come back next day for free! Due to the rain, we didn't do that. Bummer.


Anyway... We left Bowling Green, KY to Pigeon Forge, TN. We made one stop before Pigeon Forge. Of course, I have to get one credit even thou it is lame one but not for the coaster whores! And after that, we checked in the hotels and then grab some dinner at Bobs Evans. And then it was a free night in Hillbilly Las Vegas!


I will let the pictures tell the story... Enjoy!


I'm king of all SITH! HAHAHAHAHA!


Da Spit-ta!


I'm your guardian angel!




This is where we get brainwash for 14.95 and the rest of the ride is just for recovery.


Let the ride begin... T-Rex breath really smells at this point!


What are you looking at?


I'm stuck in this crappy hole! - T-Rex


Mmm What's that!? A dark ride credit... Si Si I say!


After little coaster fun and checking in the hotel, I took a drive in Pigeon Forge.


You can see that the weather is pretty bad..


There is nothing much to be excited about this ride.... Just go around about 5 times.


Here is the real reason why I came here... Speedway Draft!


Some other NASCAR Driver... Is he still in the race? Mmm... not interested...


I think this guy died in the accident during the race.


First stop: NASCAR SpeedPark


Good Morning TPR! We rules, Human drools!

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DAY 2: July 25th, 2007 | Pigeon Forge, TN (Part 2)


Jurassic Jungle Boat Ride is pretty good for a side road attraction. I would recommended to check it out on the rainy day or a extra day!


Anyway.... here is the rest of trip reports for Day 2!


I forgot this one... This is next door to Jurassic Jungle Boat Ride! Pretty cool!


That's all... It got dark after I left.


Cool Art Piece!


Where's Chucky? He is suppose to be my HUSBAND!


Of course... Virtual Coaster... Does this count as a credit?


"A hippopotamuses can run faster than man!" Imagine that!


It shows that iPod really rules... This should be the future hearing aids...




Loop ride... Whee!


This was kinda fun... a little foul but fun.


Experience what is like being in the Tornado Rush! Whoo Hoo!


You're about to enter to your final resting place... NOT!


Everything is lopsided!


How queer!


WonderWorks is it! Interactive museum!


Beautiful sunset... I will never forget this.


Driving back and checking out one more place before I call it a night...


Oh look! There is a comedy barn! I'll passed this time..

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