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disneyland in Los Angeles

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I remember the time when I was about 10, and my brother was 13.


We didn't want to wait in really long lines, and that was before FastPass, so we just went through the line yelling, "Mom?? Mom??? Mom??? Where are you???"


People just let us through.


Later that same day, we ended up as guinea pigs on the new "Splash Mountain" ride. It wasn't officially open, but we got to test it. Dang thing broke down so much, it took us an hour to do the circuit!

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The funniest things (well, to me) that happened @ DL were when I was with my cousin in line for the Haunted Mansion. Someone left a mustard packet in the queue...LANDMINE! Well, my cousin was wearing khaki colored pants that day and as we moved thru the line, I stepped on the landmine and a yellow streak traveled up his leg...The other thing was when were in line for Indiana Jones and my sister's husband was with her at the time. We just got into the temple building as my sister's husband decided he'd fart in the walkway. Everyone behind us had to suffer as the air conditioning was blowing air outward

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This happened a few years ago. I was with my cousin. We were on Indiana Jones and the ride had just started. We had just made it around the first turn. When our jeep thingy jerked to a stop. We waited there for a while. Finally a ride op comes to our jeep and then some how unlocks our belts and we climb out. Now it was sort of dark and I wasn't paying attention to the ground. I was just thinking, "Oh this is so cool! Being able to walk on Indiana Jones!" Then the next thing I know my right foot snags something and I fall face first onto the ground. I wasn't hurt physically but I fell right infront of the whole group of people that were in the jeep. So that was a bit embarrasing.

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