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Snuggles inherits a camera PTR

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So.. My grandfather died a week ago, and we decided to start going through his old belongings. This camera was bought in germany, and he wouldn't let ANYONE else touch it except him! It is in AMAZING condition.


Here it is.


Not digital

Close up shot


54 years and hardly showing any age

Same with this lens.

What could it be?

Ah, an exposure meter.

What is it?


Anyone know?

All kinds of fun stuff like lenses, manuals, and other stuff in there.

A better look

Advertisement on the manual


For the misc. paper enthusiasts


If anyone knows what that.. thing.. is, please tell me.


thanks for looking

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Totally looks like something from the camera display case at my work. They used to be a camera retail store until they got bought out by Wolf Camera, where they moved to movie transfer services. In the storefront of our building, there's a display case of a bunch of old cameras, all sizes. Really amazing thing to see especially if you're spoiled by digital photography (Like me!)


Only 1/4 of the display....there's even keychain-sized film cameras on mini tripods...and yes, they work.

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