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My new CD is now available

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My new CD HOME is now available!


OK, I know this SEEMS like a commercial announcement, so hear me out! Plus, I emailed Robb and he said I could post this here.


I have been working as a professional musician since graduating from college in 1987. Yes, I am THAT old!


I have spent the majority of those 20 years working in theme parks, playing piano at Cedar Point, Busch Gardens VA and FLA, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios in both FLA and Japan.


Still interested? Read on!!


I recorded the CD last month here in Florida and it features 10 original new age piano songs. This is my fourth original release, and my most personal one to date!


To hear a sample of the music on the cd, check out www.myspace.com/johnbdehaas


Now, how do you order one? (or more??)


CD's are $14 each or 2 for $25. You can order them directly from me in one of the following ways:


Send me the money via PayPal. It is very easy to use and set up, and very safe. Click on www.paypal.com for more details on how to do so.


If interested in ordering one or more, send me a private message here and I can give you my email address for PayPal. If you want to send a personal check, say so in the message, and I will respond with my home address.


The CD IS NOW available at www.cdbaby.com/dehaas2. The individual tracks will also be available for download at Itunes, Rhapsody, and many other online mp3 sites!


The CD cover


The scene of the crime!


In the studio last month

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Hey John!


Congrats on the new CD. I'm going to put this on the main forum because, well, you've been supporting us for YEARS and since you've been playing piano for all of us at parks for who knows how long, I kind of think this is park related!


See you soon man!



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