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Photo TR: Kings Island 4/21

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ok i know alot of you are going to think this is a stupid question but i have to ask. Did Son of Beast at KI ever have a loop in it? If it did why was it taken out? if not why do some pics of sob seem to show a loop in them?

also, why is it now closed? and is it going to reopen? if so, when?


and by the way i live in elyria,oh which is about halfway between cedar point and geauga lake so if anyone ever wants to come up and stay a day or so you can stay at my house. and i have season passes so i can go if you need someone to ride with.

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I cant recall the exact details since I was out of town at the time. All I remember hearing is that there was some sort of kink in a support coming out of the rose bowl helix, and when the train went over it, everyone on that train got severly injured in one way or another. Supposedly they had to rush everybody off in ambulences once they got back to the station. Thats all I remember though. Do a search to find the rest or something.


As for why its closed, the entire length of track has been getting re-worked since the accident. Also, SoB is recieving new trains from the old Myrtle Beach rollercoaster, so it wont open till track is reworked and the trains test on it etc.


Hopefully that answers your questions.

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Yes, but I'm not complaining. Aside from the annoying placement of the line, the ride KICKS A$$! Probabbly my new 2nd favorite coaster there, making my new KI top3:




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