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What shall I name this coaster?  

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  1. 1. What shall I name this coaster?

    • Steffen_DK's "Gespenst" (German for Ghost)
    • Bfluffy, fluffy bunnyKEDSITE618's "Dark Reaper"
    • IwantRevenge's "Power Surge"
    • Calaway Park's "Indigo"
    • Steffen_DK's "King of Darkness"
    • thrillrideseefilled with medicine and goo's "The Purple Avenger"
    • Steffen_DK's "AlPhoto TRaum" (German for Nightmare)
    • IwantRevenge's "El Demonio" (Spanish for The Demon)

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Just create the texture you want in your favourite image editing software save as jpg (or TGA if you want transparency), but make sure the image dimensions conform to the magical numbers (32, 64, 128, 256 etc) then, save the texture in the OC textures folder (and again in the folder containing the 3ds file) load OC & voila.

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If you are really into 3Ds, go download Anim8or. (www.anim8or.com). Take the eggplant tutorial on the website to really get a hang of things and then go crazy. You can do all of the signs just like on Object Creator, but you have a lot more freedom to do things. PM me if you have any questions.


Your coaster looks really awesome!

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