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ahhhh... another not-so-good memory...



stuck on Air (AT), had these Germans(?) sitting next to me and my brother. they started to talk about swaering in english and how it would look cool (the convo was in english, im not THAT good at german!) so my brother said: 'swearing is not cool, it makes you look like a retard'. they started laughing and talking in basic german. they called my brother a scheizerkopf and laughed. i told them (in english) that when we were released, they were so totally dead.


the rode ops unloaded the back first, working their way forewards. me and my brother were released first, so we waited at the top of the stairs for the german people. when they got to the last stair, we leaped at them, missing (on purpose), then chased them out of the shops.


we laughed so hard, the shop attendants actually had to bring bottles of water for us, lol

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okay so we're on the bus and we find this huge bag and we're like "WTF?". So ask everyone near where we found it if it was theirs. And everyone was like "no!". So we opened the bag and we found a XYLOPHONE! That was probably the most random thing i've ever experienced. SO we are like "WTF?!?!?!?!?" and we start tapping it when we find some xylophone mallets (i'm not sure if that's what they're really called). And we start playing the xylophone and it was the funniest crap i've ever heard! I mean just think of it, you're on a bus and you turn around to hear a xylophone! that's so random! So my freind gets a hold of it and yells "LISTEN TO THIS HEAVY (TIHS .

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^LOL! Here's my story:

I was at my town libray and my friend and I decided to do some prank calling. I started by dialling 411. Even though the phone was a pay phone, if you dial 411, its free and will bring you to an operator.

I started. The operator said " State your city and state please" and I said "Boston". She asked what did I want but then I hung up because i didn't know what to say, so I hung up.

My friend then dialed and when the operator asked where he was, he said "Liverpool England". Then came on the beeping.

He said "I'm not doing it again" but I bribed him to do it again.

My freind then dialed. WHen the phone guy asked for location, he said "Manchester Engalnd" then the oprator said "prank caller and he sail "WTF, I'm going to kill you!"

Then He dials once more and the operator says "The police are coming". he said "No they arn't" and then came on the beeping.

When I asked about it, he said " He said the cops were coming". I then laughed but then at that very second, we heard sirens and I shouted "OMFG!"

We then went upstairs and pretended to do homework, but that's when my mom came to pick me up, close call. Right when my mom turned out of the parking lot, the cops come right in, VERY close call!

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X:\ No Way Out


perfect setting... in the dark, stuck on the block break before the ex-photo spot i got really bored. me and my brother were sitting in the middle somewhere. we were stuck there for a long time, so we decided to start yelling really random stuff.


i started out with 'boo!' and it got worse and worse as the ride progressed. it eventually ended with me faking an org*sm screaming 'i have a b*ner!' at this point nobody could see who it was, so we continued. i then suddenly started going 'weeeeeeeee!' at the highest pitch i could possibly muster (and it was really high).


we got to the station again and i yelled 'great! another set of block breaks!' *inster silence* 'omg i have the biggest boner ever!!!'


as soon as i said that last line, the lights for the station came on and a ride op was standing right behind me, laughing his ass off!!!


lol, it was really embarrasing, but so funny as well!

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^Love this thread I started, my freind and I were on Poltergiest at SFFT, and we yelled "OMFG and "OMG" and "LOL" and "LMAO"!




Okay so were on the bus, and we're messing around as usuall. And everyone was on the bus today and it was really crowded in the back. So Austin went to sit next to me (i'm also Austin) and he goes,"UHH!" like he's having sex. Then he says," Some Austin on Austin action". So were driving around and we're next to a Bill Miller's (a BBQ place) and Nick does his crazy scream (the pitch is higher than Robert Plant's voice) and i swear the bus driver does not look sround to the back like a normal person would. Instead he turns to look at Bill Miller's, and we're yelling obscene things at him, like,"Get a hearing aid grandma!". So were driving along (through heavy, stop and go traffic) and these guys are walking by and they start throwing paintballs at the windows and inside the bus. SO we're getting pissed and Austin takes an apple and throws it at them! But my head was in the way and it hit me (it didn't hurt that much), i was just laughing and so was everyone else. We started laughing so hard that the bus driver stops the bus (without pulling over), holds up traffic, and he grabs ustin and Nick and makes them sit right behind his seat. So we (the guys in the back) start having a conversation with Austin and Nick in the front, all the way across the bus! The bus driver tells us to shut the hell up. So were driving along again and the same paintball guys catch up to us. And one guy has a paintball gun, and starts pretending to aim it in our direction, and the bus driver does nothing!!!! So Austin points at the guy with the gun and says,"You see that? That's a weapon!". It was hillarious.

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