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Paramount Parks after Cedar Fair Acquisition

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I used to work on Vortex until June of this year. It did not have green boxes. They were added within the last week. Same thing on Top Gun. The rule at Vortex was that the load operator had to stand in those little boxed in areas between gates, and unload had to stand outside arms reach of the train.

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My home park is PCW, I'd like to see some type of fast pass or something to speed up the lines.

I'd also like to see "Minebuster" really bust, Into peices, Put a hyper in, Also would be nice to see "Top Gun" go and put in a launch coaster like "Hulk" or something.

If they had room it would be nice to see something like Dollywoods "Thunderhead". Another woodie would be a nice addition.

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As for PARAMOUNT'S Carowinds, no changes at all. Partly because there isn't much to change. The park is well ran and seem to employ people who want to be there from what I see. You still see VP's of whatever operations they are associated to walking around with brooms and dust pans keeping the park looking good, you still hear the ride ops asking how was your ride and trying to make your day enjoyable, and you still have good ride operations. I personally dont see anything that cedar fair needs to do to "improve" the guest experience at paramount's carowinds. I can see them eliminating some things like re-rides but I dont see them having to do an extreme makeover to the place.


As far as what I would like to see happen in the future...not much of anything. The park is doing very well in it's current state. I dont see the need for paramount's carowinds to run out and get a hyper coaster or a mega thrill ride because its not something the park despirately needs right now. Sure as any if you on here I would love to see another good quality coaster coaster, not having to be a hyper coaster or an OMG record breaking coaster, installed at the park and I would also love to see some flats make paramount's carowinds their home but all that will come in due time since the park isn't lacking in any department...dispite what some people may say!

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